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Caroline LaPenta Continued... by Lynn Margulis, changed the way I view human life and the Earth as a whole.

Biggest business lesson: Got to spend money to make money.

Asher Cohen Tru Realty

Breakthrough moment: Once I learned that this is a business to provide a service and not focus entirely on the sale, deals started to flow in. Creating more of an advisor mentality then a salesperson, reinforces to my clients I am looking out for their best interest.

Goal Setting: Setting goals are critical,

but the execution of the plan is the deciding factor if goals will be achieved. I focus on activities that are going to help more buyers, sellers, investors and my agents succeed.

Life Changing book: How to become a Rainmaker by Jeffery Fox. Another life changing work for me was the Glengarry Glen Ross movie “PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN!”

When working with clients the real

Why list with you? Articulate your unique selling proposition. As a real estate professional, I strive to provide my clients with the highest level of customer service. They appreciate my energy, enthusiasm, ethics & integrity, extensive knowledge of the real estate market, marketing strategies, and ability to understand their needs. I have a true passion for real estate and as a native of Phoenix, I’m deeply vested in the greater Phoenix community.

satisfaction comes when their expectations are exceeded and they can’t wait to close the deal. The excitement in their smile keeps me getting up every morning to make a new deal happen.

Favorite quote: “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” –Stephen Covey

Brian Keller RE/MAX Fine Properties

Favorite quote: “If you show enough houses, you learn all the tricks. Every REALTOR® is just a ninja with a blazer.” – Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

Right now I’m investing Life changing book: Curious George in: Fake ponytails, hydrogen blimps, and Crocs.

Christine Lee

Kinchen Twins & Co. Realty

Why list with us: We are unique in many ways. For starters, we are locally-owned and a woman- owned, family business. One way that we are different may surprise

a lot of people; several of our agents are heavily tattooed. Don’t let the tattoos fool you. Our agents average 8 years of real estate sales and many of our agents are owners of other local businesses. We have built a brand that doesn’t discriminate for being “different.” We respect originality and tend to work with like-minded clients. We are about as unique as the homes we sell. We have a clothing designer, a tattoo shop owner, a cake baker, a carpenter, a pilot and a former elementary school teacher working at Twins & Co. Realty. Our company motto is “Your connection to unique homes.” We all know the mid-century modern and historic niche, which is mostly what our clients come to our brokerage for. All of our agents are either family, friends or past clients. We aren’t out to be the next big brokerage. We treasure our smallness and love to be considered a boutique firm. Almost all our agents practice yoga regularly and have adopted eco-friendly, compassionate lifestyles, in one way or another. Our agent, John, even has a pot-belly pig as a pet!

Our biggest business lesson: When we started selling real estate together as ‘The Real Estate Twins’, we started to notice a trend

in the types of homes we were selling. Most had low-sloped roofs, walls of windows and a modern look to them. We started looking into the style of home and discovered the style was known as mid-century modern. We saw that there were a lot of agents farming various geographical areas, but no agents were really marketing mid-century modern homes. I think a lot of agents just sold “houses”; we realized we were selling architecture, not just houses. Our clients often think of their homes as art. We sorta fell into the niche, by way of continued sales of these style of homes. Now, we have buyers and sellers call us regularly because they know we can find these unique homes better than anyone else. We have also been selling a lot of historic homes in the central Phoenix and South Scottsdale area. Jennifer, my twin, was involved in the designation of the 2 historic districts in South Scottsdale; one is mid-century modern homes by notable architect Ralph Haver and the other is a tract of homes known as Village Grove. We appreciate history and design and this has helped us continue to be the leaders in the retro markets.

Dan Mullarkey West USA Realty

Why homeowners list with me: My background in Advertising and Graphic Design has helped immensely

in marketing my

listings. Taking the time to listen to seller concerns and objectives has allowed me to formulate marketing

plans custom tailored to their individual needs. We go into selling a home as a team, and everyone participates in reaching a common goal.

How did you get in to this crazy business? I was convinced to get my real estate license by another agent and was always interested in real estate, so it seemed like a perfect fit. I was fortunate to have learned the business quickly by working for several top producing agents early on, which made the transition to working for myself much easier. My advice for any new agent is to find a good mentor as it will pay off exponentially down the road.

Real Estate Game Changers

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