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of the task force concept. He worked in the Planning Section as the Disaster Planning Of- ficer. He worked at S&M developing changes in breathing apparatus and turnouts. He was assigned the difficult task of

starting Prescription Burning operations in the Santa Monica Mountains with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. This later on would be the start of a bond, working hand-in-hand with hand crews and the County during wild land fires.

He retired to take the position of Fire

Dear Andy and L.A. Firemen’s Relief Asso- ciation family,

Apologies for the delay in writing to

you. We are so grateful for all that you’ve done to honor our dad, Clarence Bramley. From providing medical equipment to presenting us with the flag that flew over Station 85, and the rigs and firemen who attended his funeral – we were blown away by your love and support. We’ve seen firsthand that firemen really do take care of their own.

With love and appreciation

Terrea Tamanaha and Mona Bramley Huntington Beach, CA

Dear LA Firemen’s Relief: I had the good fortune to work with

Wendy [Cummings] for many years at Fire Station 10. Wendy and Linda Ulum were one of the best paramedic teams in the City. We of- ten said that if we were injured, we hoped that it was Wendy and Linda who responded to the scene. We knew we would be in good hands. Now Wendy is in good hands. RIP, you will be missed.

Marv Williams

LAFRA, I worked with Jack Bennett as an In-

spector, Captain, BC, AC and Fire Chief and he was outstanding in every role. My first memory of Jack was as the ultimate professional plan checker for the LAFD. He not only knew what was required by code, he knew and demanded what was needed to provide adequate fire pro- tection.

As a company officer he was a role

model, doing not only what was expected of an LAFD officer, but doing it the “right way.” As a Chief Officer he exemplified what that position should be, respected by subordinates, peers and those of greater rank. When we both served as Chief of De-

partment in the Bay Area, he was the model of an effective, efficient fire officer improving the level of protection and service to the citizens and the safety of his firefighters.

LA Firemen’s Relief Association - Jack Bennett was a “firefighter’s fire

chief.” I have known him since the mid 50’s and throughout his career as he promoted through the ranks he was interested in making the fire service a better place for fellow fire- fighters.

He was one of the first “heavy duty” task force commanders under Chief Hill’s start July 2015 • 49 We celebrated our AC promotions to-

gether at his home in the Valley with Bill Blair and Frank Borden. Jack was without a doubt the best Incident Commander I ever witnessed and I feel blessed to have had him as my col- league and friend. I’ll miss him.

Bill Neville

LAFRA- I had the pleasure of working with

Wendy [Cummings] her last year or so at Fire Station 10. If you knew her, you loved her . . . how could you not? She loved people, loved her job, and always had such a positive outlook on life.

I really enjoyed reading her blog, “wen-

dyonwillow.” She was such an amazing writer you could almost hear her talking to you when you read her blog. She kept you abreast of her life in retirement, adventures on Willow, and her ups and downs in this fight with cancer. She lived life to the fullest and will be greatly missed.

Dan Rodriguez

“No one really dies, unless they are forgotten” Wendy,

You were a friend, a co-worker, a mem-

ber of our 911 response team, and most impor- tant, a wonderful person. There wasn’t anyone, on or off the job, who did not enjoy your exu- berant personality. My heart is sad, a friend has left. You will remain in my heart forever.

May you Rest in Peace. Howard Kaplan

Chief in Menlo Park, California. Working there five years, he was a leader in developing mutu- al aid and wild land operations. He retired there and moved to Bluffton, SC and was involved in the formation of a C.E.R.T. team. It was my pleasure to know and work

with Jack over this long period of time. Work- ing with him you were working with the best.

Bob Mac Millan Lake Havasu City, AZ

Relief Assn. Ed Phelps (Fast Eddie) was my Captain

up on the hill, and I will always remember him as being a very knowledgeable, friendly skip- per. He had a very humble and humorous way about him that made you enjoy being around him. He was missed when he retired from the job, and will be missed as a great person on earth.

George DeMott

Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Assn, Capt Peter Pleick spent many nights

coaching me and developing my skills to be- come not just a firefighter but a valuable fire- fighter. The efforts of he and Captain Rick Or- tiz enhanced my testing skills and work values, enabling me to realize my dream to become one. I continued utilizing these skills and ap- plying their values throughout my 35 year career with the Orange County Fire Authority through the rank of battalion chief. Each time I took a promotional exam I could apply those lessons to any challenge presented. I shall be forever grateful to Captain Peter Pleick.

Steve Whitaker

Dear Sirs, I enjoyed our time at 108’s. Clyde

Ralston was always a pleasure to be around. He was a very clever guy and solved many prob- lems - like building a water main shutoff on the spot. I am still using a boiler he made for me 25 years ago when I make homebrew.

Ron Wilson

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