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Independent Mediators Limited

Independent Mediators Limited is a group of leading, full time commercial mediators whose independent practices are centrally managed. The company operates both in the UK and internationally.

Independent Mediators (IM) was formally launched in June 2007. We operate as a mediation chambers. All the mediators work full time as mediators and are only appointed through Independent Mediators.

Our chambers consists of Charles Dodson, Phillip Howell- Richardson, Kate Jackson, Michel Kallipetis QC, Mark Lomas QC, Jonathan Lloyd-Jones, Bill Marsh and Nicholas Pryor.

When forming IM our aim was to make the process of instructing mediators simpler and to recognise and to meet the requirements of instructing solicitors and individuals. We are very conscious of the need to provide a competitive service and are recognised as offering exceptional value for money. We make the country’s top mediators available at affordable prices for any size dispute. We do not charge any admin fees to the parties.

Only mediators recognised by the leading directories as being in the top tiers of UK Mediators are invited to become members of Independent Mediators. We are unashamedly “elitist” offering some of the best mediators in Europe. We will never offer an inappropriate mediator for any instruction.

The concept has worked extraordinarily well. Instructing solicitor’s feedback shows that not only was our business model correct but that the quality of the mediators’ performance and the administrative service that supports them has probably exceeded expectations.

The number of mediations per year has consistently increased since our launch and now numbers 500+ per year. Since we launched the group we have received in excess of 3300 appointments.

The parties to cases IM members mediate range from litigants in person to multinational companies; with sums claimed from £25k to multi billion.

UK appointments are received from a broad range of sources, top ten City firms, international law firms, regional and high street practices, increasingly from in-house lawyers, government departments, security services, local authorities, police forces and litigants in person.

The subjects mediated to name a few categories cover all aspects of commercial/financial services/banking/ employment/professional negligence/regulatory/class actions and insurance disputes.

Our appointments are increasingly from international sources with lawyers and clients from all over the world making up some 15/20% of our case load and growing each year.

Instructions from lawyers, clients and governments along with training and consultancy means our mediators have worked with over 85 countries worldwide. Following the implementation of the European Mediation Directive we took the decision to recognise the mediators experience and to offer our services to a wider audience who may wish to take advantage of the combined expertise in the growing areas of International/Cross Border /Multiparty disputes.

Our international presence has been recognised by Who’s Who International who acknowledged Independent Mediators (company) as the leading mediation “outfit” in the country.

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We were recently awarded ‘Best Dedicated Mediation Chambers in the UK’ by AI International.

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Professional mediators Professional mediators


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Mediators with over 20 years’ experience of workplace mediating


Mediators with over 20 years’ experience of workplace mediating

Expert mediation training From a national certificate in mediation at work through to awareness raising and short courses

UK Mediation Journal | Issue 1 Sponsored by

Expert mediation training From a national certificate in mediation at work through to awareness raising and short courses

Mediators with over 20 years’ experience of workplace mediating

EXPERT MEDIATION TRAINING From a national certificate in mediation at work through to awareness raising and short courses


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Over 400 services se sector, not for profit


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