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How Mediation Works

Mary Banham-Hall Managing Director of Focus Mediation in conversation with Lydia Selby, HRM and Business Consultant about how mediation can benefit her business.

“We hear so much about mediation - can you explain the benefits?”

“Mediation is a useful tool in the workplace. Effective early intervention using mediation saves time and stress, avoids loss of productivity and legal costs. It prevents conflict escalating and spreading. It helps you retain your valuable people.”

“I see mediation as a 1-2-1 opportunity when there is a dispute between employees, but what other scenarios can mediation be used for?”

“When there is conflict between two or more people or groups, where larger numbers of people and several issues may be involved or the issues are not clear. Then we use various techniques, such as Investigation, Enquiry and Facilitation to find out what is going on, identify all the people and issues involved and report to the person who commissioned our services on what needs to happen.”

“Once you have left, how are the changes embedded in the organisation?”

“We provide training in negotiating skills and having difficult conversations. Also how to deal with conflict to equip management and staff to avoid disputes in the future.”

“One of my clients is a family owned and run business celebrating 120 years. There are several members of an extended family trying to work together. The business is stagnating. Could mediation help here?”

“It would be an ideal solution, as it builds functional communication and relationships and does not make people opponents in a fight. A mediator with a business background would help them address their personal expectations, the requirements of the business and help

Mary Banham-Hall


Lydia Selby


them work out how to work together effectively and plan a way forward with consultation and the engagement of everyone.”

“How long does mediation take and what happens?”

“The initial enquiry is usually from HR, the MD, or their legal advisor, often via the website. A Focus accredited mediator will have a confidential briefing to find out about the problems. They then send a written proposal of recommended action and a costs estimate. Terms of Reference and reporting lines will be agreed from the outset. A two party mediation can usually take place within 2/3 weeks and most are settled within 1 day. In a multi party or departmental or whole company scenario this varies depending on the numbers of people involved. A detailed specification would be supplied to the appointing authority. tailored to the work.”

Costs vary and prices are

“How do the costs compare with legal costs?” “A Senior International HR Director told me that when he initiated mediation in his company the costs were between a tenth to a sixteenth of legal costs, without taking lost management and employee time into account. Also, you can’t sort out teams of people via lawyers. In most instances mediation should be the first port of call for workplace problems.”

cmp resolutions

Focus Mediation has seven workplace mediators UK- wide. We are dedicated to resolving all types of workplace worries, trouble-shooting and sanity saving.

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cmp resolutions Professional mediators


cmp resolutions

Mediators with over 20 years’ experience of workplace mediating

PROFESSIONAL MEDIATORS Professional mediators

Mediators with over 20 years’ experience of workplace mediating

Expert mediation training From a national certificate in mediation at work through to awareness raising and short courses

UK Mediation Journal | Issue 1 Sponsored by

Expert mediation training From a national certificate in mediation at work through to awareness raising and short courses

Mediators with over 20 years’ experience of workplace mediating

EXPERT MEDIATION TRAINING From a national certificate in mediation at work through to awareness raising and short courses


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