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Langley Federal Credit Union Donates $5,000 to Support Seniors

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UVA Student’s Lawyer: Officers ‘Lacked Legal Justification’

for Arresting Client According to a report, Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control agents charged University of Virginia student Martese Johnson with public intoxication, even though they did not believe he was drunk.

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Comedians Take Hampton Roads by Storm

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Hampton Firm Named Emerging Global Entrepreneur by White House

Aazia Mickens

Dessaso, founder of FreePing, a client at the Peninsula Technology Incubator in Hampton, is one of five people to be named an Emerging Global Entrepreneur by the White House and Small Business Administration.


Thomas Flake, of the

Incubator, said the recognition


off what has been a remarkable

FreePing" and

run for the

Incubator. A special ceremony

was set Aazia Mickens Dessaso

to be held recently afternoon in Washington by the White House.

Launched in 2014, FreePing provides news and other information to prepaid mobile phone subscribers in Brazil, South Africa and other emerging markets. The White House said the selections highlight the importance of investing in women and young entrepreneurs to solve problems such as poverty, extremism,

University of Virginia student Martese Johnson (second left) and his lawyer, Daniel Watkins (right), walk to the Charlottesville District Court in Virginia before Johnson’s hearing March 26, 2015. ZACH GIBSON/GETTY IMAGES


University of Virginia student Martese Johnson was charged with public intoxication even though the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control agents who detained the 20-year-old in a brutal and bloody arrest

in March

didn’t think he was drunk, the Richmond Free Press reports. The officers in their statements noted that they did

believe that Johnson might have been using a false ID.

The Virginia State Police

have given a detailed report on the incident to the Char- lottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Chapman, who is studying it but has not yet made it public, according to the Free Press. Johnson’s attorney, Daniel Watkins, has yet to see the report but hopes to do so before Johnson makes his court UVA PAGE 11

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access to education and healthcare. Flake announced the award by noting

that: "In a community where it has often been said that it is difficult to raise money for startups, for women owned businesses and for minorities, Ms. Dassaso and FreePing have broken all of the perceived barriers. They have raised almost $100,000 and are building what


Are You Ready to Leave Your Credit Cards at Home ... and Pay by Smartphone?

Paying for purchases by smartphone is becoming increasingly viable. Three major

companies with now

enable consumers to buy goods at participating merchants


credit or debit card by just waving a smartphone over the payment terminal. In fact, a major smartphone manufacturer teamed

up with

Free June 2015

recently many

banks and merchants to make the service available to anyone buying the newest version of its smartphone. What should

you know about using your smartphone to pay in a store or a restaurant?

You need the right equipment. Your smartphone must contain a contactless or “NFC” (near field communication) computer chip that allows it to “talk” to the payment terminal via a wireless connection, as well

as a digital wallet to store your payment card information. If you are buying a new smartphone, you can ask the salesperson if it has an NFC chip. For a phone you already have, check the “settings” menu and look for “NFC.” Your phone may already have a digital wallet feature. You can also download one


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