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Global Drug Screening Reference List

on alcohol and drugs in the company) • Alcohol-drugs-FR.pdf Canada

Privacy Commissioner of Cana-

da: Drug Testing & Privacy • information/02_05_12_e.pdf Alberta Human Rights Commis-

sion: Drug and alcohol dependencies in Alberta workplaces • publications/bulletins_sheets_booklets/ sheets/protected_grounds/drug_and_al- cohol_dependencies.asp Manitoba Human Rights Com-

mission: Pre-employment inquiries • publications/guidelines/pre-employment. html

New Brunswick Human Rights

Commission: Guideline on Drug and Al- cohol Testing in the Workplace • line-Drug-Alcohol-Testing-New-Bruns- wick.pdf

Ontario Human Rights Commis-

sion: Policy on drug and alcohol testing • and-alcohol-testing Saskatchewan Human Rights

Commission: Drug & Alcohol Testing – A General Guide • guidelines/Drug%20and%20Alcohol%20 Testing%20Guide%20-%20Final%20 Jan2011.pdf Finland

Act on the Protection of Privacy

in Working Life • /en/laki/kaannok-

set/2004/en20040759.pdf • Page 3, Section 6 - Drug test certifi cate Ireland, Republic of Safety, Health and Welfare at

Work Act 2005 • en/act/pub/0010/index.html • Chapter 2, 13(1)(b) and (c) Duties of employee. 13.—(1)An employee shall, while at work— (b) ensure that he or she is not under the infl uence of an in- toxicant to the extent that he or she is in such a state as to endanger his or her own safety, health or welfare at work or that of any other person, (c) if reasonably required by his or her employer, submit to any appropriate, reasonable and proportionate tests for intoxicants by, or under the supervision of, a registered medical practitioner who is a competent person, as may be pre- scribed, • European Parliament: Protection of Personal Data in Work Related Relations • mittees/en/studiesdownload.html?lang uageDocument=EN&fi le=92930 • Occupational Health and Drug Test- ing starts on page 47 Malaysia

Guidelines on Preventing & Re-

sponding to Drug & Alcohol Problems in the Workplace • php?option=com_docman&task=doc_ download&gid=655&Itemid=179&lan g=en • Section 5.2.5, Page 12 New Zealand Laws on drug testing in the workplace •

edgebase/item/1361 Norway

Working Environment Act l/ download2.php?tid=92156 • Chapter 9. Control measures in the un- dertaking South Africa South African Labour Guide dismissal/115-alcohol-and-drugs-in-the- workplace United Kingdom Gov.UK: Being monitored at work: work- ers’ rights – Drug Testing • workers-rights/drug-testing HSE: Drug Misuse at Work pdf

Information Commissioner’s Of-

fi ce (ICO) • Employment practices code 4.4 Information from drug and alcohol testing 92 • Employment practices code – a quick guide Section 6 • Employment practices code – supple- mentary guidance General recruitment guidance; no specifi c information on drug screening.

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