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IFDAT Global Insider Spring 2015

IFDAT Legal Committee IFDAT Legal Committee: By: IFDAT Legal Committee T e ability to process drug and alcohol screening around the world may be restricted or prohibited in some jurisdictions.

In order to assist IFDAT members with understanding these regulatory requirements, this document provides links to worldwide governmental sources who have posted guidance on the processing of drug screening for employment purposes.

Information is provided in three general areas: • Screening Resources: T ese are organizations who provide information about global employment screening. Some of the results focus on drug and alcohol screening topics. • General Data Privacy Resources: Since drug and alcohol screening involves the processing of personally identifi able information, including the potential for sensitive information processing, this section provides links to global data privacy resources. • Government Resources: T is section contains links to resources posted by governmental authorities regarding drug and alcohol screening.

This document is updated on a regular basis.

The following is not off ered as business, legal, or medical advice but is instead off ered for informational purposes in a spirit of cooperation and information exchange. It is not intended as a substitute for the legal advice of an attorney knowledgeable of the issues covered as they relate to a user’s individual circumstances or a medical practitioner. No assurances are made regarding the accuracy, completeness, or utility of the following information. Legislative, regulatory, case law and medical developments regularly impact on general research and medical information.

Screening Resources Referencing Drug Screening • ELA Global Employer Handbook: http:// • GTDT – Labour & Employment: http:// (Subscription required) • LexMundi Global Employer Guide: asp?DocID=3903 • Practical Law Employment: http:// risdictional-guides/employment-mjg

General Data Privacy Resources • Association Francophone Data Protec- tion Authorities: • BakerHostetler’s International Compen- dium of Data Privacy Laws: http://www. tion/bakerhostetler-data-privacy-laws • DLA Global Data Protection: http://www. world-map-section • Employment Law Review: http://www.

8 loads/employment/The%20Employ- ment%20Law%20Review.pdf • IAPP DPA List: https://www.privacyas- tection_authorities Select Resources – Where’s Your DPA. (Membership required) • LATAM Data Protection Laws: http:// tection-laws/ • LexMundi Data Privacy: http://www. Guide.asp • Linklaters Data Protected: https://clien- ed/Pages/index.aspx • MoFo Privacy Library: http://www.mofo. com/privacylibrary/PrivacyLibraryLand- ing.aspx?xpST=PrivacyLibraryLanding • Practical Law Data Protection: http:// risdictional-guides/dataprotection-mjg • Practical Law Data Protection: Country Q&A tool:

502-1510?service=ipandit# • WorldBank Doing Business: http://

Information on Global Drug Screening by Government Authorities Australia Victoria Privacy Offi ce: Privacy in the Workplace • privacyvic/web2.nsf/fi les/privacy-in-the- workplace Belgium A Preventative Policy on Alcohol and Drugs in the Company • Une politique préventive en matière d’alcool et de drogues dans l’entreprise - La concertation au service de la prévention Cct n° 100: Notice pour l’élaboration d’une politique préventive en matière d’alcool et de drogues dans l’entreprise (A preventive policy on alcohol and drugs in the company - the dialogue at the ser- vice of prevention CTC no. 100: Manual for the development of a preventive policy

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