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Corporate Relocations

The choice of having a child attend a private or public school is the decision of the parent(s). Prior to making this choice, you are allowed to visit the school and meet with the relevant authorities on what the school offers and to discuss any queries you may have. It is important to explore your school options way in advance in order to secure a placement for your child.

Lifestyle Whatever your individual interest, from swimming with the turtles to fine dining, you are sure to find it in Barbados. We have some glorious, white sandy beaches for tranquil enjoyment as well as a playground for surfers. Restaurants can be found in several locations across the island offering a range of dining experiences. Supermarkets across the island offer popular international products and brands as well as local Barbadian products. For high-end shopping, the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is located on the West Coast offering luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Armani Exchange. It is Barbados’ first mixed use lifestyle centre featuring the Limegrove Cinemas - a large, air- conditioned and family-friendly hangout!

Directly across from The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, First and Second Street are home to vibrant nightlife, restaurants and entertainment. Between these two streets there are many excellent places to dine and enjoy scheduled live performances and diverse cuisine. St. Lawrence Gap on the South Coast offers a mix of dining, partying and lounging. There you will find Café Sol for relaxed dining and lounging by the bar. Further into “The Gap”, as it is most commonly called, you will find Reggae Lounge and Sugar, which are two popular nightclubs. Other than St. Lawrence Gap, you will find additional restaurants, a movie theatre, a drive-in cinema, shopping malls and other wonderful amenities on the south of the island.

Bridgetown the capital, mainly consists of retail stores, several business places, commercial banks, restaurants, a few art galleries and markets for fresh local produce. ‘The Characters of Town - Historic Walking Tours of Bridgetown’, is an initiative including two tours of the capital, which attracts locals and visitors alike.Those attending will learn about hucksters and trade as well as the maritime history of one of the busiest and wealthiest port cities of the 1800s.

There are numerous activities one can engage in whilst living in Barbados. From informative lectures and exciting sporting and cultural events, to dinner with a jazz band - there’s something for everyone to do! Find out which activity suits your taste by visiting: What’s On In and the National Cultural Foundation

Car Dealerships Although the island is quite small and our public transportation is reliable, there is always the comfort of having your own vehicle. The car dealerships in Barbados not only assist you in the purchase of a vehicle but also offer services after you have purchased.

Each dealership here in Barbados represents specific brands, so depending on the type of vehicle you desire, you can choose the dealership accordingly. There is a wide range of small to medium sized cars, large family vans, or sleek SUVs to choose from. There are even dealers which supply electric models and an increasing number of EV points across the islands where they can be recharged. Some dealerships also offer financial services when purchasing.

If you would prefer to lease a vehicle as opposed to purchasing one, these services are also offered on the island. The helpful personnel make the process of obtaining a vehicle easy. They would also be happy to advise on financial arrangements if needed.

In Barbados we drive on the left side of the road. In order to legally drive in Barbados, you must have a valid driver’s license as well as a Visitor’s Permit, which may be obtained from the Barbados Licensing Authority for US $5. Permits are valid for 2 months from the day of issue.

Transportation In Barbados, we have three main types of public transportation - Barbados Transport Board, Mini-Buses and “ZR” vans. Your travelling experience will vary depending on the mode of transport chosen. The Barbados Transport Board is government owned with large blue buses. The mini-buses are slightly smaller yellow buses and are privately owned. “ZR” vans are the smallest, white in colour and are also privately owned. The standard bus fare is BDS $2.00 and does not change with mode of public transport used, or the length of the trip. It is wise to have your bus fare in hand as it must be paid as soon as you enter the bus before you take a seat. Bus tokens (for the Barbados Transport Board buses only) can also be purchased from the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal for BDS $2.00 each.

There are also taxi and limousine services available across the island. There is no standard fare for these types of services. The fare for using a taxi depends on the length of the drive from point A to point B. If you desire to tour the island using a taxi, it is best to ask the driver to indicate the price beforehand. The cost of limousine services depends on the company you choose and will need to be reserved prior to the time of the proposed trip.

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