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Corporate Relocations

Affidavit • If you’re an entrepreneur, the following must be given: i) Proof of transfer of funds for investment, ii) Certificate of Registration/ Articles of Incorporation, iii) Related business licenses - SRL AND IBC. Further information can be obtained by calling (246) 434-4179 or (246) 434-4135

Student Visas In order for children to carry on studies in Barbados, they must be in possession of a valid student visa. Note that students attending tertiary institutions such as the University of the West Indies, Barbados Community College and Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic can submit application forms through their respective institution.

A student visa is valid for one academic year, ending August 31st on any given year. Note also, that having a student visa does not grant permission for students to work while studying.

Application for this type of visa is as follows for persons under 18 years: • H1 application form (found on website), in duplicate • H2 application form (found on website), in duplicate • 2 passport-sized photos • Proof of parent’s or guardian’s status in Barbados/proof of consent when needed. The application fee is US $150.00 with no final fee attached.

Full details can be found at:

Housing At Terra Caribbean, We Know Barbados and have worked with several persons who have relocated to the island. We understand the emotional implications that relocating may have on a family or individual and we aim to make your search for a home easy and hassle-free.

Our cadre of qualified, professional real estate agents are able to offer choices from our diverse portfolio of properties and easily match client to property in a seamless manner.

When relocating, most people would prefer to rent a house initially before making the commitment to buy a property. We can offer a wide selection of properties for sale and for rent in our portfolio.

We can offer you properties from the south to the west coast of the island. If you prefer a more inland residence, we also have some excellent communities to offer in those locations. You may chose a location based on your budget, proximity to schools or the office and even your lifestyle.

Both the South and West Coasts have fabulous beaches, restaurants, cinemas and entertainment spots. However, the West Coast, popularly known as the Platinum Coast, is home to high-end luxury homes and as a result, they attract a rental premium. In contrast, the South Coast mainly carries a lower rental rate. Both locations have a lot to offer, giving prospective residents a variety of options - from entry-controlled communities for golf, polo or tennis to a selection of detached villas, townhouses or condominiums.

Shipping Items to Barbados Whether you’re relocating from Canada, USA, Europe or the Caribbean, there are several global freight handlers that operate within Barbados. These handlers include Laparkan and Amerijet International.

After items have gone through the necessary Customs clearance procedures, you may need to store them safely, in the event you’re still house hunting. There are several storage facilities on the island where you can safely keep your items for a minimum of one month for as long as you wish. These facilities usually charge a monthly fee plus a refundable security deposit, which is equivalent to one month’s rent. The rental rate is dependent on the amount of storage space required.

Schools There are several private and public schools to choose from in Barbados. The education system requires children to attend primary school from age 4 until age 11. At age 11, the child then completes the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination, better known as the Common Entrance Examination. The results from this exam allow children to graduate to secondary school. All secondary schools accommodate children to age 16. However, there are several secondary schools with a sixth form level where children remain until age 18 to take the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) exams which allows direct entry into universities of their choice.

Having been a British colony, we follow the British traditions within our school system. All primary and secondary schools, whether public or private, require students to wear a uniform. We take great pride in our educational system as children not only learn Mathematics and English, but they are open to Religious Studies and Social Studies. This ensures that our children are well-rounded individuals when they enter the world of work or travel abroad to further their studies. Standard school hours are 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

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