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PEEK is a polyetheretherketone with excellent individual characteristics and is part of the thermoplastic high-temperature plastic group as it maintains its property profile in high-temperature ranges above 100 °C. PEEK, combined with chopped fiber is used in high-strength applications over 150C.

APPLICATION EXAMPLES: Piston rings, Fastening hardware, Medical implants, Sliding components


PEK is similar to PEEK. It is best suited for high strength, high temperature applications. PEK is an important material for automotive, aerospace, nuclear, electronics, food and even medical industries.

APPLICATION EXAMPLES: LED light parts, Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) structures, Transport planes, EPS gear, Steering column adjust, Signal relays, Endoscopy, Chromatography


Polyetherimide (PEI) is a thermoplastic with high mechanical strength and rigidity. The material has high degrees of toughness, chemical resistance, superior limiting oxygen index and dimensional stability, besides demonstrating a high creep strength over a wide temperature range.


Polyphenylenesulphide (PPS) is a high temperature thermoplastic and high resistant polymer with high strength and hardness. Besides it has low water absorption, good dimensional stability and excellent electrical properties.

APPLICATION EXAMPLES: Coil formers, Bobbins, Terminal blocks, Electrical components, Lamp housings.

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PBT belongs to the group of thermoplastic linear polyesters. PBT is typically reinforced with fibers and provides for high density, high degree of toughness and good thermal and dimensional stability. The fiber reinforcement makes PBT suitable for higher strength requirements like in industrial components and electronics industries.

APPLICATION EXAMPLES: High power lighting components, Ignition rotors, Distributor caps

PA6, PA66

Technical thermoplastics reinforced with fiber, PA6 and PA66 (with a higher melting point that PA6) have a high thermal stability and are best suited for automotive industries and mechanical engineering applications because of their high toughness and chemical and abrasion resistance.

APPLICATION EXAMPLES: Under-bonnet automobile parts and most components on Wind-surfers.


POM is a thermoplastic produced by the polymerisation of formaldehyde. It is a versatile engineering plastic possessing varied properties, designed for use in construction and automotive industries. It combines high rigidity, with mechanical strength and affords good elastic properties, high toughness, dimensional stability and excellent sliding friction properties.

APPLICATION EXAMPLES: Gears , Sliding and guiding elements, Housing parts, Nuts, Fan wheels, Pump parts, Valve bodies.

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