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Department of Kinesiology

Academic Year 2014-2015

This year also represents a major turning point in the department. Ms. Leslie

Morse left our department to take a position in with Academic Research & Sponsored Programs. Ms. Sarah Jarvis replaced her and Ms. Betsy Bolanos accepted Sarah’s previous position as the departments Administrative Support Assistant. Another change in the department is the retirement of Dr. Chris Grenfell. After more than 30 years of service to CSUSB Dr. Grenfell decided to retire and enjoy the good life in Lake Arrowhead while spending some time in the winter living in Mexico visiting with his daughter. The departure of faculty brings new faculty and a cultural shift occurs along the way. Over the past few years the changes to the department are profound. The changes notwithstanding, our focus continues to emphasize excellence and effectiveness in teaching, but we now have an added emphasis on student-faculty research.

Our full time tenure track faculty members are not the only ones making a

significant professional impact. A number of our adjunct faculty members continue to make an impact in the world of health and fitness. For instance, James Clover’s new textbook was recently published and his company has released a new “app” in the assessment of concussions. Jim is a nationally recognized expert about concussions in athletes. Ms. Janys Antonio continues her leadership responsibilities work with the Southwest Dance Movement.

There have also been some changes to our program, specifically, our Allied Health

Professions concentration (AHP). The concentration is now impacted and requires certain prerequisites to be met before a student can declare the concentration. The department is striving to provide a program that challenges the students and gives them the opportunities to take courses that will prepare them to continue their education once they complete their undergraduate degrees. More changes will occur to the Kinesiology curriculum as CSUSB moves from the quarter system to semesters. Yes, it finally has happened. CSUSB anticipates beginning the semester system in the fall of 2019.

As a department, we remain committed to the involvement of our students with

our teaching, research, and service. To Move our program forward requires resources. Please try to help us meet our commitment to making CSUSB Kinesiology a statewide leader in Kinesiology. Help by making a gift to CSUSB Department of Kinesiology Alumni Fund so that can continue our quest of becoming a leading program in the Western United States. Your support is the life-blood of our program. Please contact me directly should you have a question or concern about our need for resources to meet our goal of becoming a regional leader in Kinesiology. We desperately need your help. I hope you enjoy reading about our efforts, the achievements of our students, faculty and alumni. Stay abreast of our department by visiting our website at http://kine/


“Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.”

-Gene Tunney

Terry L. Rizzo

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