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Malta: Carmelo Caruana acquires Fedex agent p.21 White haulier turns red and green p.22 Europa moves into its new hub NEWS

Calais plans rail link

Nepal red tape tangle

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Europa Worldwide has started to move into its new £30million site at Dartford. Within 18 months of signing a deal on the 290,000sq ſt facility, 250 staff have relocated to the new head office, hub and logistics facility at Prologis Park. With 204,300 sq ſt of dedicated warehouse and logistics space, there is enough space inside for seven football pitches. Managing director, Andrew Baxter, (front row, middle) said: “We’re delighted to be in our new home and I want to thank the Europa team who made it possible - many of the staff gave up their free time over the bank holiday weekend to help.”

Stowaways put freight industry under siege

Illegal immigrants trying to get onto trucks are putting the freight industry under pressure as never before, warn industry trade associations. They described Calais Eurotunnel terminal and ferry port as being virtually under siege from would-be stowaways, with drivers having to run the gauntlet of desperate migrants prepared to use violence to get on board their vehicles, in some cases. The situation is also leading to serious congestion at the Channel

Ports. Freight Transport Association manager of international affairs, Don Armour, told FBJ: “We have big problems at the moment, with delays of up to five hours. Because drivers may get fined if they are fined with illegal immigrants on board, when they arrive in Calais

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they’re insisting on very thorough checks being done, including sniffer dogs and CO2 probes and are refusing to go through until that has been done. Eurotunnel was reporting four hour delays at 4am this morning (22 May) and the delays have since increased further, to around five hours.” Ironically, because trucks are stuck outside the port for so long, this

has actually increased the opportunities for migrants to jump aboard. In an interview for the BBC Look North programme on 21 May, the

Road Haulage Association’s head of international affairs, Peter Cullum said that while the ports had make efforts to increase the amount of secure

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