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West Howe now 4 What Happens Now?

Road and Pavement repairs

This issue also came up in the Design Council work (see page 5). All the detailed evidence gathered through that piece of work has been passed on to the Council who will see what work they can do to improve the state of the roads and pavements. They will try to programme some work in using existing funding. Should external funding become available to bid for, having this evidence will be very helpful in securing such funds. We know that not all the problems will be addressed in the short term, but the Council will prioritise repairs and improvements that pose the highest risk.

Clean Streets The Councils Cleansing and Waste service

is also seeing what they can do over and above their usual / regular street cleaning schedules. They are very involved in the “Love where you walk” programme (See page ) These areas were identified as a result of the Design Council work and as a result there will be a series of events tackling 7 areas over the summer and autumn, involving local people in improving these areas and looking after them better. We should begin to see some real improvements soon.

In addition, Cleansing and Waste: Have introduced an enhanced street cleansing activities aiming to keep areas free of litter.

Maintain a ‘hit team’ dedicated to servicing West Howe fly tipping hot spots, as soon as incidents are reported by members of the public or through neighbourhood patrols in the area. Fly tipping or accumulated waste on private property can be dealt with through enforcement powers but as this is a legal process

it takes longer to achieve.

Target areas of highest need for regular inspections to ensure standards are maintained

Cut back vegetation in certain areas to improve aesthetics, reduce the potential for anti-social behaviour and prevent rubbish accumulations e.g. old Kinson Baths site.

Using weekend “Community Payback” placements to target hot-spot areas.

Are trying to involve local schools in competitions to design posters and signs to highlight environmental concerns

Encourage the community to organise their own litter picks by providing all the equipment and disposing of waste afterwards

If there are any specific areas that require improvement or additional attention please report them via the customer contact centre on 01202 451199 or email them to

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