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Welcome to the summer West Howe Now Regeneration Special Edition. In this special newsletter you will hear from lots of different organisations such as Bournemouth Borough Council, us here at West Howe Community Enterprises and news from other local groups as to what is happening here in West Howe to contribute to the regeneration of the area. So get comfy, put your feet up with a cuppa and find out what’s happening locally and how you can get involved in making West Howe a better place. Residents’ Opinion Survey In October 2014 some of you received a survey asking your opinions about West Howe as a place to live. This survey was carried out in partnership between Bournemouth Borough Council and the West Howe Regeneration Partnership and West Howe Community Enterprise. As well as providing valuable information about the area, this project also provided work experience for local people, who learned valuable computer skills while inputting the data from completed survey forms. This is the first time that a survey of this scale has been carried out in West Howe. In 2013 a survey across the whole Borough asked many of the same questions so we can compare opinions in West Howe to those across the whole of Bournemouth. What did the survey tell us? Compared to Bournemouth as a whole, West Howe residents appear to be generally less satisfied, both with the area itself and with Council services. The ambition of the West Howe Regeneration

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Partnership is to narrow the gap over time. This survey provides a benchmark from which progress towards that goal can be measured. The general upkeep of the area is a common concern. Road & pavement repairs and clean streets were both identified as priorities. ‘Keeping public land clear of litter and refuse’ had the highest level of dissatisfaction of all the services. ‘Rubbish and litter lying around’ was the anti-social behaviour of most concern to West Howe residents while ‘untidy gardens or other private land’ was of concern to twice as many in West Howe as in Bournemouth. Crime is also a concern for residents. Tackling the level of crime was identified as a priority. The overall perception of anti-social behaviour is much higher in West Howe than in Bournemouth as a whole. West Howe residents were more likely to say that they feel unsafe after dark and less likely to feel safe during the day than Bournemouth residents. Despite this, residents’ health and wellbeing does not seem to be adversely affected. People describing their general health as good or very good is about the same as the Borough average. The proportion of people having at least adequate social contact with others is the same, while the number having ‘as much social contact as I want with people I like’ is significantly higher in West Howe. Satisfaction with life is also good, with only slightly fewer people rating their satisfaction with life as at least seven out of ten and significantly more people giving a top score of ten out of ten.

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