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After one of the wettest springs I can remember, we are at last coming into summer. School is out and my day job as a math teacher will be ending. It’s a little scary going full time as a publisher but it’s also exciting and I think it’s time. In thinking about this month’s topic of “Balanced Man”, the idea of taking the Middle Way comes to mind: to avoid excesses. But balance if more than that. Balance is not a static thing that one achieves and just maintains. The image is not of an acrobat balanced on top of a column. I think it is more like a person riding a bike. When bicycling you continually adjust your balance to the conditions around you and the speed and direction you have chosen to go. It’s necessary to lean far to one side in order to turn a corner. This isn’t a position to be held long but you can’t turn otherwise. Going uphill is the time to down shift, lean forward and “gut it out”. Downhill is the time to coast but not pick up too much speed. All these positions are balanced under the right circumstances. Life as a balanced man or a man seeking balance is much the same. Often, it

isn’t a matter of finding the magic balance of work, play, relationships, self-care and spirituality and just sticking with it. This year, to turn the curve of becoming a full time publisher, I had to spend more time working than I would have liked. Other things took a back seat for the past nine months but now that I’ve rounded that curve it’s time to spend more time taking care of myself and paying attention to the love of my life, Cindy.

I think some men beat themselves up because their lives aren’t balanced or give

up on the whole idea of balance as being impractical. Life is a balancing act. Every day we all make decisions that affect that balance. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Just because you aren’t living a perfectly balanced life at the moment doesn’t make you a horrible person or mean that you can’t move a little toward balance each day. The Buddhist practice of reflection at the end of each day is one way to do this. Each day, take a few minutes to look back over the things you have said and done. Mentally celebrate the good choices and consider how you could avoid repeating the bad or less than good choices. There are lots of events in this month’s calendar to help

you achieve balance and several articles that will give you food for thought as you look for new ways to bring more balance to your life. All of the great articles didn’t make it into the print edition so check out the website for the extra articles. Like us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter for updates. Have a super summer this year.

Bright blessings, Mike 6 Houston & Cindy Hart

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