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12 May, the event saw Charlotte Morton highlight the cost-effectiveness of AD, as well as its non-energy benefits, before outlining the industry’s impressive growth rate over the last five years, revealing: “We are now delivering the electrical equivalent capacity of 454 MW – almost identical to the Wylfa nuclear power plant.” Charlotte was also keen to point out the ways in which AD is benefitting Britain’s agricultural sector, commenting: “AD is complementing and supporting UK farming, providing stability in the face of volatile commodity markets.”


Charlotte’s rousing speech was followed by Chris Huhne, ADBA’s Strategic Advisor, who provided an invaluable insight into how the new government could impact the future of our sector. “The Conservatives will only give significant support to renewable technologies that provide good value, clean energy,” he asserted. Chris’ evaluation of the cost of AD compared to other renewables concluded that, while AD may appear more expensive at first glance, the cheaper renewables are intermittent. When storage costs are factored in, AD represents good value and is actually less

expensive than both wind and solar. Chris also highlighted the agricultural benefits of AD, adding: “Rural diversification is high on the priority list for any party which represents farming communities.” Chris therefore concluded that, “AD is a Conservative-friendly renewable.”

Our Head of Policy, Matt Hindle, then provided an in-depth presentation on the upcoming FIT Review, confirming that the industry has already exceeded the annual 20 per cent degression trigger for sub-500 kW plants. The consultation is expected to be launched before Parliament breaks for summer recess, making spring 2016 the most likely time for any new tariffs and structures to be introduced.

ADBA’s new board member, Dr David Greenfield from SOENECS, explained the complex structure of local authorities in England and advised members to fully research their local area to gain the best chance of a successful tender. David was followed by Will Bushby, ADBA’s Policy Officer, who gave an overview of the latest developments regarding the RHI and biomethane, before Ofgem’s James Veaney spoke about the regulator’s consultation on ways to make grid connections easier.

The final speaker was Ofgem’s Senior Policy Manager, Katy Read, who highlighted the complex area of sustainability criteria. The criteria will take effect from 5 October 2015 for both domestic and non-domestic RHI and will apply to all new and existing participants generating heat (or heat and power) from biomass or biogas, as well as those producing biomethane for injection. Members can read our policy report for a full breakdown of the information that will be required by Ofgem –

To view the presentations from the Members’ Meeting, go to the members’ area at


eeping AD on the political agenda was the prime concern at ADBA’s first Members’ Meeting since the General Election. Sponsored by Matchtech and held at London’s Grand Connaught Rooms on

“As a new ADBA member, I was keen to attend the Members’ Meeting to network and find out more about the sector, in particular how the General Election result will impact on my clients and the industry as a whole.”

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