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Technology Focus: Pre-treatment technology

Weltec Biopower’s MULTIMix system will help Gilfresh Produce cope with a mixed feedstock when its 500 kW AD plant opens in the summer

benefits our commitment to environmental and health & safety standards will bring.”

And it’s not just the UK’s AD operators who are enjoying the benefits of ever more efficient pre-treatment technology. As part of its mission to become fossil fuel-free, an AD plant in the municipality of Växjö in Sweden – dubbed Europe’s greenest city – is reaping the rewards of using pulp processing technology by Cellwood Machinery AB. Distributed in the UK by Salvtech, Cellwood’s HC-Pulper works by dissolving and separating the organic material into a clean pulp. It then leaves the reject particles at a larger size compared to most systems, which makes the resulting separation stage more efficient. The system’s robust design means it can easily handle most incorrectly sorted or unsorted materials without interruption, delivering a substrate clean of visible contamination (less than 0.05 per cent). Furthermore, the Cellwood system can be handled easily by just one operator, with the added option of remote operation and monitoring.

grass and maize silage, a unique pre-treatment solution is required to ensure the digester will be able to be fed continuously. Weltec Biopower’s robust MULTIMix system guarantees continuous substrate homogenisation and stable plant operation. In combination with an 80m³ solid matter dosing feeder, the MULTIMix ensures optimum shredding and intensive mixing of the vegetable waste and long-fibre silage. This efficient pre-treatment system not only ensures biological decomposition and efficient gas yield, but is also extremely energy efficient.

Meanwhile, Meltog has recently been awarded ISO 9001 accreditation, demonstrating the company’s commitment to delivering high quality, specialised solutions for AD technology providers. “We are very proud to have gained the accreditation, which is the first in a suite of standards that the company is working towards to ensure our customer experience from concept to post-delivery support is second to none,” states Julian Heyworth, Managing Director. Designed, manufactured and assembled in its

Leeds facility, Meltog has recently delivered and installed a shredding system for Biogen at the AD operator’s new food waste site near Edinburgh, which will process around 30,000 tonnes of food waste each year from households, supermarkets and food processors. David Pharaoh, Divisional Director for Meltog, adds: “We are delighted to have been selected as a partner to Biogen on this project. We have met all our project objectives and deliverables, and we look forward to the further

SEEPEX has expanded its open hopper range of progressive cavity pumps for AD plants with the addition of the BTEX pump for conveying and mixing biogas feedstock. The new design can handle feedstock of varying consistency containing such items as stones or even pieces of metal, which are separated out in the hopper and removed via the inspection hatches. The pump auger screw has a large pitch to ensure optimum product feed, and liquids can be added via flanged inlets at two positions in the pump hopper. As well as optimising digester feedstock, the BTEX is easy to maintain, without the need to remove any pipework, reducing both downtime and installation costs. A valuable addition to the SEEPEX range, this pump is ideal for AD operations that process feedstock with high solids or physical contaminants.

SEEPEX can also supply a full feedstock system, encompassing a BTEX pump for high solids, a BN range pump for liquid addition, and a control panel to ensure optimum ds%. Level controls, dry running protection and pressure monitoring complete the pump protection system. Both the BTEX and the latest addition to the Smart Conveying Technology range will be on display at UK AD & Biogas 2015 – see p22 for full details.

Meltog has manufactured and installed a shredding system for Biogen’s latest food waste plant, near Edinburgh


Distributed by Salvtech, the Cellwood HC-Pulper is installed at an AD plant in Europe’s ‘greenest city’

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