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UK AD & Biogas 2015 Exhibitor Preview



need for pre-processing facilities. Stand G229

Chesterfield Biogas (CBG) will be exhibiting as Greenlane Biogas following the acquisition of Greenlane by Pressure Technologies plc, the holding company of CBG. The established team, based in Sheffield, is now responsible for all European operations and the company’s stand will promote its record of innovation over the last 20+ years. The largest manufacturer of biogas-to-biomethane upgrading plant in the world, Greenlane Biogas has over 90 operational sites, all employing the proven water-wash process, including the world’s largest, commissioned earlier this year in Montreal, Canada. A sponsor of UK AD & Biogas 2015, Greenlane’s staff will be on hand to explain further technical progress in treating impurities in biogas derived from food waste – such as high levels of H2

S, VOCs and siloxanes – without the

TECHNOLOGY HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase its latest ultra-energy efficient digestate pasteurisation technology at UK AD & Biogas 2015. When pasteurising digestate to meet PAS 110 standards, the HRS 3 Tank Batch Sludge Pasteuriser System uses waste heat from the CHP engine via the engine’s cooling water and recycles the heat used during the pasteurisation process to reduce energy consumption by up to 70 per cent. The system’s heat exchanger inner tube (which carries the digestate) is designed with a unique corrugated surface that improves heat transfer and reduces digestate fouling, which can lead to equipment corrosion. In addition, the HRS supporting software package will track, trace and electronically report every batch of digestate back to the source/time/date/feedstock. Shortlisted for two UK AD & Biogas 2015 Industry Awards, the system is already in operation at a number of UK AD plants, for companies including Veolia Environmental Services, The Shanks Group, Tamar Energy, UTS and Muntons. Stand E213


With a vast range of storage products on offer for the AD sector, Balmoral Tanks (formerly Galglass) is looking forward to helping visitors to UK AD & Biogas 2015 specify their storage requirements effectively. “It’s not merely about choosing a tank; such a decision requires consideration of supply chain performance, health & safety credentials and financial security,” explains Jonathan Smith, Sales Director. “The AD sector is unique in its demands on the supply chain, with a great deal of front-end work required to establish the most efficient and cost effective solutions. In the early stages there is a strong onus on product selection related to project requirements including design, planning, cost and operational factors. However, a major focus should also be placed on health & safety as any shortfall in this area could have a significant effect on the project,” advises Jonathan. Stand E303


Since 2008, Total Gas & Power has worked with independent generators and producers, helping them realise the full earning potential of their energy production. Total’s range of innovative PPAs and GPAs has just been refreshed and will be launched at UK AD & Biogas 2015. Contracts vary from a five-year fixed option to an innovative flexible option, which gives full use of the energy market, from hourly day-ahead prices to six seasons ahead. The company’s web-based platform provides direct access to the markets along with half-hourly generation data and financial results, while their hassle-free Premium FIT service offers more regular payments than the industry standard. “We’re really excited to launch this range of new products at the show, as it caters for generators of all sizes,” comments Stuart Westerman, Director of Energy & Ancillary Services. Stand E211 JUNE 2015 | AD & BIORESOURCES NEWS 25

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