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Andres Wines in Port Moody, where he was chief wine maker when he resigned. He is now overseeing the art of making fruit wines produced from superior berries and other fruits grown on B.C. farms. The health benefits of wine are not a recent discovery. However, fruit wines are considered to be a superb ‘heart friendly’ beverage. If consumed in moderation, wine can help prevent cardiovascular disease, protect against artery damage, and reduce cholesterol levels. In fact blueberry wine is considered to be more beneficial to overall health than most red and white wines.

Canada Berries products get a taste test in Chengdu.

blueberry wine called Blue Queen. A blueberry-cranberry blend is called Blue Queen Gold, and a blueberry blend with Merlot made from grapes grown in the Okanagan is called Blue King.

Also shipped to China were raspberry, cranberry, blackberry, black currant and peach wine. Other exports were a blueberry ice wine and two other ice wines, a Riesling and a Merlot.

Ron Taylor is the chief wine maker at Canada Berries. He has extensive experience, having spent 22 years with

The Canadian medical community has confidently stated that blueberries might be one of nature’s most important health supplements, and consuming a small quantity every day will lead to a longer, happier life. Blueberries are low in fat and calories, full of heart-friendly fibre. They are a perfect snack whether eaten frozen, dried, or fresh off the farm.

In addition blueberries contain a high quantity of Vitamin C, one of the most important overall nutrients for maintaining good health and longevity. This fruit is also packed with Vitamin K, a critical nutrient for building bones and preventing osteoporosis.

Canada Berries is located in east Richmond on Blundell Road at the corner of Sidaway Street, where there is a large store and tasting room.

10 British Columbia Berry Grower • Summer 2015

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