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Personal and Professional Empowerment

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Local Women Selected as Business Challenge Winners

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U.S. Dept. of Education Fines For-Profi t Colleges $30 Million

for Misrepresentation Action complements ongoing steps to protect students and consumers against predatory for-profi t colleges

Urban League of Hampton Roads' Whitney M. Young Dinner

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Hampton Delta Foundation's Red and White Cotillion

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Loretta Lynch Confi rmed as Attorney General

Free May 2015


of Education took additional steps recently students

and taxpayers and

crack down on abuses within the for-profi t sector by continuing its enforcement actions


against Corinthian Inc.

After a comprehensive review, the

U.S. Department of Education has confi rmed cases of misrepresentation placement

of job

and prospective students in Corinthian's

rates to current Heald


system. The Department found 947 misstated placement rates and informed the company it is being fi ned about $30 million.

Specifi cally, inaccurate the

Department has determined that

Heald College's or incomplete

disclosures were misleading to students; that they overstated the employment prospects of

U.S. Department to protect

graduates of Heald's programs; and that current and prospective students of Heald could have relied upon that information as they were choosing whether to attend the school. Heald College provided the Department and its accreditors this inaccurate information as well.

The Department has also

notifi ed Corinthian it intends to deny Corinthian's pending applications participate

to continue in the Title

to IV

federal student aid programs at its Heald Salinas and Stockton locations. Corinthian has 14 days to respond to the Department's notice,


which the Department will issue its fi nal decision. Moreover, the Department

to students

that Heald College is no longer allowed

has determined enroll

and must prepare to help its current students either complete their education or continue it elsewhere.


Health Editorial Business

Share Your Light with a Graduate E-Cigarette Use Triples Among Middle and High School Students

Local Businesswomen Selected as Business Challenge Winners

Hampton Roads Upcoming Events Scholarships Watch

Gov. Announces $100 Million Investment in Newport News Virginia Symphony Orchestra Concert The Emerging Entrepreneurs Scholarship

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Loretta Lynch won confi rmation as the general

recently, following

months of delay that saw the process get hung up in partisan politics.

Lynch, who will be the fi rst black woman

to hold the top law enforcement post, replaces Eric H. Holder Jr. She cleared the Senate on a 56-43 vote, with only Republicans opposing.

Lynch, a 55-year-old Harvard Law School graduate from North Carolina, was a federal prosecutor in New York during the 1990s, notably during the Abner Louima police brutality case. President Obama picked her in November to replace Holder, but her nomination hung in limbo for months as several Republicans warily questioned how she'd differ from the polarizing Holder and whether she'd back the president's immigration


Buying or Refi nancing a Home? Seven do-it-yourself tips for choosing and managing a mortgage

Do you have a mortgage loan or are you in the market for one? With new disclosures and other consumer protection rules, and fl uctuations in interest rates, it’s good to review some key strategies to keep costs down for your home loan.

largest and most complex fi nancial obligation you will ever

“Since a mortgage may be the enter


be sure to do your homework before and after you commit to a loan,” said Jonathan Miller, a Deputy Director in the FDIC’s Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection.

Here are tips on keeping borrowing costs low and thinking ahead about issues that might arise.

For Anyone Looking for a Mortgage Remember

that loan programs can

change and lenders’ policies may vary, so research new opportunities before applying for a mortgage. For example, more lenders are beginning to offer borrowers the chance

to obtain a mortgage with a smaller down payment. Why is that happening?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will now buy mortgages from lenders that have down payments as low as 3 percent. This change could lead to more lenders lowering their down payment

requirements for borrowers. But

be careful. Making a smaller down payment BUYING OR REFINANCING PAGE 3

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