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2013 presented GoBreck (previously the Breckenridge Resort Chamber, BRC) with some significant challenges and goals. True to form, the staff and teamin the officeworked hard producing all the outstandingmarketing, PRand events outputwhichwe’ve all grown accustomed to seeing fromtheir group. Simultaneously, theExecutiveCommittee andBoard ofDirectorsworked closely with the Breckenridge Town Council, developing a plan to restructure the former BRC. The goals of this restructure included improved efficiency and transparency,while also removing duplicative layers of oversight, and finallymigrating the organization's core efforts to that of aDestinationMarketingOrganization (DMO).

The process of transitioning fromBRCtoGoBreck in 2013 was certainly a challenging one for all stakeholders.Change is often difficult, and theBoard ofDirectorswanted to ensure that buy-in fromthe communitywas comprehensive. In the end, supported by a vote of thememberswhich passed bymore than a 90%margin, 2013 sawthe conversion of the BRCcorporate structure into amore streamlinedGoBreck, aswell as a dissolution of the BreckenridgeMarketingAdvisoryCommittee (BMAC), and resulted in the establishment ofGoBreck as a trueDMO, governed by a 9-personBoard ofDirectors. Seven of theDirectors are nominated through a rigorous process by a nominating committee, with 3 positions appointed by the Town of Breckenridge and 4 positions appointed by the GoBreck Board of Directors. As was the case with the BRCBoard, the Town also appoints a Town Council member and the Ski Resort appoints an individual to serve on theGoBreck Board.

The future ofGoBreck is bright—and focused.Not only havewe kept our community businesses inmind by creating a Business Services Committee to address specific needs, but we've renewed our vision to drive demand for Breckenridge as an entire destination. Further, I’m proud to say that the organization as a whole has made great steps toward building an even stronger partnership with our client, theTown of Breckenridge.

As 2013 came to a close, we received word that our formerCEO, JohnMcMahon, had accepted an offer to serve as the Executive Director of theNational Ski Patrol, andwould be leaving us in early 2014.Highlights of John’s tenure include:

• Transitioned the organization to a successful destinationmarketing organization (DMO) • Increasingmarket share for Breckenridge • Received the coveted Governor’s Award for OutstandingMarketing Program (2013) and theMarCom Gold Award in the BrandingRefreshCategory—both awards highlighted the #BreckBecause campaign,which generated double and triple-digit increases in advertising performance

• Significant restructuring of the organization’s bylaws and board to provide automatic membership among all licensed Breckenridge businesses, a groundbreaking step certainto bemirrored by similar destinationmarketing organizationsnationwide

• Contracted with Vacation Roost to performCentral ReservationsOperations inOctober 2013 • The passing of 2D, ameasure to support sustainable tourism

Our lastmajor task as wemoved from2013 to 2014 was to secure a highly talented individual to serve as GoBreck’s new CEO. The ExecutiveCommittee entered into an extensive interviewprocess, consideringmore than 40well-qualified individuals.After meet-and-greets with the final candidates, and a comprehensive all-board-member interview, the GoBreck Board was pleased to offer the position to LucyKay.

Having achieved our organizational goals in 2013, transitioning the BRC to GoBreck, I’m personally very excited to be able to couple those effortswith the extra fuel of renewed leadership. 2014 represents the onset of a brand newera forGoBreck—we are built for speed, and focused on the future success ofBreckenridge as a destination.With this neworganization structure, and now new leadership, I’mvery excited to see what tomorrow brings...

Andru Zeiset 2013Chairman of the Board,GoBreck



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