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73 new members is probably the largest number of new members we have ever had but is really over an 18 month period, because we had to remove the non-paying members from the membership list we still are 27 members less than was reported at last year’s AGM.


The National Dinner Dance will be held at Kenwood Hall on 13th June 2015.

Stoke has had an active programme for 2013-2014 and the programme for 2014-2015 is in July Journal and on the Internet.

The Refractories Engineer The journal, still the main communication tool, has again, continued to improve and innovate. 6 issues per year continue to be published.

The journal team continue to present a modern, informative and professional publication. Obtaining suitable technical papers continues to be a challenge and any assistance from the membership would be greatly appreciated.

The Journal/E directory is producing a very small profit for the Institute thanks to the continued support of our advertisers, however not every journal produces a profit.

Education and Training

For the sixth year running a training day will take place after the conference, building on what has been presented before. The response suggests it is providing much needed training to new members of this industry and a further income stream for the institute. Once again, many thanks to all those involved in creating such a valuable and worthwhile day.


We propose to continue working with Shorts Chartered Accountants for the foreseeable future. A few comments about the current year end accounts:

• The period covered is 1st April 2013 to 31st December 2013.

• Branch accounts are included. In previous years only branch assets have been included.

• With the accounts only covering 9 months we do not include the invoices raised in Jan for subs and the Journal buyers guide, These are treated in different ways. Subs are added into the accounts monthly by the accountants, because, in the past there were what we call virtual members or non-paying members which have now been identified but the accountants

still work same way, The

Journal Buyers guide is invoiced in January and is worth about £18K per year is not in these accounts

• In effect, income is down this amount. The accounts show Journal advertising income down from £48,747 to £17,110 this difference is made up from the buyer’s guide and only 4 journals in the accounting period not 6. The real effect is a reduction of income of about £8K per year, which reflects that companies are spending

NOVEMBER 2014 ISSUE less on advertising.

• Conference income and expenditure includes the Australian conference that was held in the accounting period, The Australian Secretary and office expenditure is shown with the General Secretary and office expenditure.

• Exchange rate loss is from monies held by the Australian branch in Australian dollars, these accounts report in UK pounds, in the accounting period the pound has gained in strength resulting in fewer pounds for the dollars in the account.

• Bad and doubtful debts have been significantly reduced, savings have also been made on insurance.

• The accounts for the period March–December show a loss of £18,546 but £9,700 is exchange rate loss, we also do not have £18,000 of buyers guide income in this short period.


The upgrade and modernisation of the website continues led by Chris Windle and the Webmaster Ian Gould. The new site has a much more modern feel about it and be more in line with today’s commercial IT world.

All of the Journals, from issue 1, have now been scanned and at some stage will be available on the website. The important thing was to preserve them for historical purposes which have now been accomplished.


The environment since the last AGM has got no easier. Encouraging new members and new advertisers to join us remains a day to day issue. Preservation of exiting members and advertisers also remains forefront in our activities.

Preservation of The Institute of Refractories Engineers remains the number one objective and this is simply not possible without the help, assistance and enthusiasm of everyone involved on the Executive Committee, Council and especially at Branch level. I reiterate what I reported at the AGM last year, your time and effort is priceless, very much appreciated and never ever taken for granted. Play stay with us as we try to maintain our momentum and inertia.

I didn’t want to end this report without a word about two long standing and outstanding members of the IRE who are sadly no longer with us. Earlier this year, it was with great sadness that we reported the loss of two Sheffield Branch members, Terry Partridge and Chris Nutt. Both, exceptional individuals, both great representatives of the IRE and the refractories industry in general. Those of us who crossed their paths were the fortunate ones.

Finally, to every organisation and individual that has supported us in whatever way possible thank you once again.

Paul Bottomley Executive Chairman Jayne Woodhead General Secretary and Treasurer



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