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Secretary’s Report to the Annual General Meeting, 2013/14


Today Keith Andrews completes his first year as President. During this period a whole host of initiatives have been activated under Keith’s guidance. Membership continues to dominate the Presidents drive with several new initiatives identified. Keith will bring these to everyone’s attention during his address to the AGM.

Council, as outlined at last year’s AGM now only meets on two occasions per year; this is supplements by the Executive Committee meeting on six occasions per year. However, it should be stressed, that under the current rules the decision making activities of the IRE still rests with Council. This does, however, create difficulties due to decreasing attendances and will need to be discussed and addressed in the near future.

In terms of finances, branch assets held during the Financial Year ended 31st December 2013 are as follows:


Lancs & North West Sheffield Stoke

South Wales

Assets as of 31st December 2013 £6,128.05 £1,375.02 £2,363.16 NIL

There is also approximately £50,341 held in the Australian branch account and an unknown amount in South Africa.

The accounts presented to the AGM represent a 9 month period (April to December 2013). This was following the decision taken last year to adjust the financial reporting period to the calendar year as opposed to the classical financial year. For the first time, the 2014 accounts will represent the twelve month period starting January 1st 2014. For the institute this is far more sensible because it covers the exact period when the majority of invoices are sent out and, hopefully, the subsequent payments are received.

Reporting now on specific areas under individual headings:

Membership New members continue to join both from the UK and overseas but, in some instances, these are negated by the removal from the Institute of members failing to pay their annual membership demand. The targeting of both UNITECR and Aachen conferences was carried out but it is unclear what impact this had on new membership.

Again, many thanks, to all employers who continue to encourage new members, and often, financially support them.


Three active branches remain in the UK: Lancs & North West Sheffield Stoke

South Wales remains effectively inactive since its reopening. Its status as an active branch needs to be addressed but since it does not represent a cost to the Institute it has not been considered a priority.

A more worrying concern is the current state of the long standing Sheffield Branch. For the first time in recent times the Sheffield Branch did not have a complete programme for 2013/14. A combination of work commitments and illness amongst the Branch committee was a contributory factor but a lack of support for the meetings by branch members should not be underestimated. At the time of the 2014 AGM the branch cannot confirm a programme for 2014/2015 but it is the intention of the committee to try to regain some inertia and create a programme. However, without membership support the future of the branch will remain uncertain.


Australia is still the largest overseas branch followed by South Africa. Removal of non-paying members has affected the total membership of both branches.

In Australia, Alan Blanch has confirmed that he will no longer be the Branch Secretary. Alan has carried out this function for many years with and incredible degree of enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism and will, without doubt, is a hard act to follow. On behalf of everyone connected with The Institute we extend our thanks to Alan and wish him “all the best” for the future. Alan will be succeeded in Australia by Michael Walton (Chairman) David Gilroy (Treasurer).

Following last year’s rule change regarding payment for membership, about 100 non-paying members were removed from the membership list at the end of March. Since then we have 73 new members (or in the process of becoming members) as end of September 2014.

The membership profile to 1st April 2014 is as follows: Europe (ex UK)


Australia ROW

United Kingdom Total

38 members 42 members 82 members 70 members 300 members 532 members

Executive Chairman & General



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