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again presented at the annual AGM. Should anyone wish to make a comment on either of these last two items, they can do so by directly contacting the Institute secretary. (contact details are shown in the Journal)

Hello All Readers

The year 2014 has had its ups and downs for us at the Journal and with this edition we sign off our efforts for 2014. The November Journal contains two technical papers, one from Jan Theron at Lucideon, which completes his presentation paper given at our 2013 National Conference,

and the second paper from

Andreas Buhr of Almatis, a paper presented at our 2014 National Conference. We shall be publishing other papers presented at our National Conference this year in our January Journal. This issue also publishes the minutes of the Institute AGM held on the 8th October during the Conference. Also included is the report by the Chief Executive and Secretary


30 people attended this years National Conference and AGM. It is disappointing both for the organisers but more especially for the presenters, who were outstanding this year.

A big thank you to each of the presenters, for all your hard work, as follows;

Andreas Buhr, ALMATIS “Material design for new insulating lining concepts”

Sankar Kannabiran, HOGANAS - “Refractories for wood chip furnaces”

Peter H Trane, SKAMOL (Sw) - “Acid Resistant Insulation Solutions in Energy Generation”

Dear Members and Colleagues

National Conference and Training Day: It was disappointing that only approximately


Jean Claude, on behalf of SHEFFIELD REFRACTORIES - “Metallic Anchors for acid conditions”

Rebecca Fielding, GRADCONSULT - “Benefits of Graduate recruitment and Internships”

WWW.IRENG.ORG Chris Windle, DSF Refractories refractories ever be Green”

As you are aware the theme for this years National Conference was “Refractories for Energy Generation.” I appreciate that the Refractories used in energy generation comprise less than 2% of the world total refractories usage, which may be one reason why attendance was down at this years Conference. However, the purpose of the IRE is to represent refractory engineers from all facets of the industry and provide knowledge and understanding of the use and application of refractories in the widest sense. The IRE would not be fulfilling its remit or obligations to refractories engineers if we only dealt with the most common uses and types of refractories.

Returning to this years Conference, the speakers - “Can

Next year will present many challenges for the Journal but with help from Institute Officials and you the members we are confident we can overcome them and have another successful year. It is the intention in 2015 to have the Journal circulated at more international meetings and exhibitions. Recently we sent the Journal to the annual Aachen conference for circulation to attendees. This opens up a wider readership than just our members and is excellent for those wishing to have papers published or advertise in the Journal.

The need for technical contributions is ever a problem for us and we would take this opportunity to request that anyone wishing to have his or her work or industry experience published please contact our team or send in your work directly to the editor for consideration.

Company news and general company editorial is also of important interest and gladly received by the editorial team. Usually publication


of this is free of charge but this is at the discretion of the editorial team.

Advertising revenue is always a worry but once again the Journal team have done a valiant job in keeping our head above water if not returning the Journal to former more productive days.

It is the intention to totally revue the short, medium and long term prospects and vision for the Journal in the near future. This will not only look at the financial future but the total make up and presentation of the Journal to take it forward for the next few years. If anyone has any comments, ideas or wish to make a contribution in any way, please contact anyone at the editorial team with your information.

Finally as Editor I would like to thank all those whose efforts have enabled us to continue with the journal during 2014.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas

New Year. Regards

John May Editor

and a prosperous

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