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24 TECHNICAL PAPER [9]. In the CO-resistance test according to ASTM C288-87 CA6

based test

pieces were rated class A and B even with the high porosity in the case of SLA-92 [2,6].

The thermal shock resistance is important for various applications, and is excellent for refractories based on both SLA-92 and Bonite.

It is the combination of all properties that makes calcium hexaluminate unique as a refractory material. Once the concept of using calcium hexaluminate has proven suitable for an application in general, properties such as density, strength and thermal insulating behaviour can be adjusted to the requirements of the particular application. Furthermore the option of castable tailoring may enable the switch from a multilayer to a monolayer lining by taking advantage of the combined use of SLA- 92 and Bonite.


[1] Buhr, A.; Büchel, G.; Aroni, J.M.; Racher, R.P.: BONITE – A new raw material alternative for refractory innovations. 47. International Colloquium on Refractories, Aachen, Germany. 2004; 205-210.

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[3] Kockegey-Lorenz, R.; Buhr, A.; Racher, R.P.: Industrial application experience with microporous calcium hexaluminate


Local Application Engineer – Foundry Linings Deadline for application: ASAP

Company Information: Foseco is the Foundry Technologies Division of Vesuvius Group plc and is the global leader in products and solutions for improving foundry performance. Our mission is to partner with customers, focusing on improving their business performance. Together, we create new value by enabling foundries to produce castings in the most cost-effective, technically efficient and sustainable way.

Foseco provides a comprehensive range of foundry technologies, equipment and consumable supplies, all backed by world-leading foundry process and product application expertise.

Job Description:

The purpose of the role will be to provide on-site technical and installation support for all furnace and ladle linings. This is a customer facing role and will involve providing advice to both customers and internal teams in order to delivery growth for the business.

Key Responsibilities will be to:

 Provide technical sales service and support to customers  Assist in the identification, organisation and technical supervision of trials and provide accurate feedback to assist in product development

 Assist with the monitoring and scheduling of site stock to meet operational requirements whilst helping minimise levels of stock held on site

 Respond to all customer enquiries  Report all activity through customer contact database  Support line manager to achieve commercial targets  Seek business development opportunities

 Build and maintain relationships with 3RD Qualifications required:

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of three years’ experience providing technical support of refractory linings installations, preferably with a sales bias. A good working knowledge and demonstrable competence in health and safety requirements is essential. Knowledge of installation techniques for furnace and ladle linings and general knowledge of the iron and steel business and refractory competition is also required. They will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with an ability to meet new people and quickly establish rapport. Basic engineering skills are required, in particular being able to interpret 2D drawings of ladle and furnace designs and convert to 3D “former”. A working knowledge of Microsoft Office programmes would be an advantage.

Technical qualification (HNC or equivalent) preferred, but qualification by experience accepted.

We offer: We offer a competitive salary/benefits package and the opportunity to work with a well-established, successful team.

Job Location: UK based with some European travel required

Apply: To apply, please forward your CV to:

Vesuvius UK Limited, 1 Midland Way, Central Park, Barlborough Links, Derbyshire S43 4XA. Telephone: 01246 571700

Party contractors and

Installation company as well as all internal and other external suppliers

material SLA-92. 48. International Colloquium on Refractories, Aachen, Germany. 2005; 66-70.

[4] Garsel, D.v.; Gnauck, V.; Kriechbaum, G.W.; Stinneßen, I.; Swansinger, G.; Routschka, G.: New insulating raw material for high temperature applications. 41. International Colloquium on Refractories, Aachen, Germany. 1998, Stahl und Eisen Special; 122-128

[5] Garsel, D.v.; Buhr, A.; Gnauck, V.; Routschka, G.: Long term high temperature stability of microporous calcium hexaluminate based Insulating materials. UNITECR 99, Dresden, Germany; 181-186.

[6] Schnabel, M.; Buhr, A.; Garsel, D.v.; Schmidtmeier, D.; Zacherl, D.: Advantages of dense calcium hexaluminate aggregate for back lining in steel ladles. UNITECR 09, San Salvador; Brasil

[7] Schnabel, M.; Buhr, A.; Büchel, G.; Kockegey-Lorenz, R.; Dutton, J.: Advantages of Calcium Hexaluminate in a Corrosive Environment. Refractories Worldforum 3 (2011); 87-94.

[8] Wynn, A.; Magni, M.; Marchetti, M.; Chernack, S.; Johnson, C.: Insulation Firebrick – Maximising Energy Savings in Iron and Steel Applications through Product Selection. The Refractory Engineer, March 2012; 18-22.

[9] Overhoff, A.; Buhr, A.; Grass, J.; Wuthnow, H.: New Microporous Materials for Use in Modern Firing Plants, cfi/Ber. DKG 82 (2005), No. 8, E29-E33, D21-D25



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