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Issue 5 Christmas season starts on a sad note with the passing of a Past President

Bill Morgan passed away peacefully at “Park Lane Care Home” where he and his wife Joyce had been resident for over a year. Bill was 93 years old and his health had been declining for

several weeks. Bill spent much of his working life in the electric supply indus-

try, came to Barnstaple in 1974 as area manager of SWEB, and had an office above their shop in Cross Street. He was very well respected and was in many ways advanced in his management techniques and it is said his

office door was always “open”.

Bill joined our Club in 1975 and was President in 1985/86. He was always a popular member and enjoyed the fellowship of Rotary. He was a regular attendee up to about two years ago when mobility and health problems finally caused his resignation. In honour of this service and dedication to

Rotary, the Club presented him with a certificate of Honorary Membership.

Bill was a WW2 veteran of the Burma Campaign. The story goes that at the start of the war, as a young RAF officer, he went with a group of other men from the camp to a pub and there he tripped and spilt his drink over a very pretty girl ... that girl was none other than Joyce; whether the trip was fate or baptism to a

future life as they eventually married in 1948. The funeral took place at

Brian presents Bill with Honorary Membership

Newport Church on Thursday 4th December. Bill Morgan 4th March 1921 ~ 19th November 2014


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