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The Hopbine News from Wigley Orchard and St Michaels Caravan Parks • April 2015 • Issue 55 A busy winter at Wigley

Boy, are we glad to see the spring finally arriving at Wigley after one of the busiest winters we can remember! Once the water had been turned off at

the end of November we started our major project to install a new ring main and pres- surised pump system, which involved dig- ging trenches all over the park. While the trenches were open we decided to install a new bulk gas supply to about half the car- avans on the park at the same time. John was a superb project manager with Blonty, Greg and Matt doing digging, dumpering and shovelling. Brian was in charge of purchasing,

jumping to attention whenever John called for “more pipe”, “more pipe”, “more stone”, “more concrete”, “more timber”,

“more pipe”! Luckily the weather was on our side

and thanks to everyone’s hard work we managed to get all the pipes into the trenches before the rain came. We’ve had the damage to the roads repaired and now we just need some sunshine to make the grass grow and the park will soon be look- ing like new! As if that wasn’t enough to do, we

hired a crane to move a few caravans, extended some pitches, built some decks and John even experimented with a small gabion wall. John spent the first week of March ski-

ing in France, having a well deserved break before the next job on his list, siting new caravans and building more decks.

New caravans for 2015

We have taken delivery of six new caravans and there is one still to come. You are invited to come and inspect any

of the new caravans and we can offer very generous part exchange terms on your existing caravan. All models are priced inclusive of dou-

ble glazing and central heating plus a tim- ber deck.

At St Michaels: 2014 Willerby Chambery 35ft x 12.5 ft

2015 Willerby Skyline 39ft x 12.5ft

£36,000 £47,600

We also have a selection of hire caravans which are two or three years old and these can be made available for sale at prices around £25,000.

At Wigley Orchard: 2015 Willerby Lyndhurst 35ft x 12.5ft

2015 ABI Oakley 36ft x 12ft (and with an exceptional view!)

£36,000 £32,200

Details of all our caravans for sale are pub- lished on the website. Go to

The new gas tanks on their concrete bases ... ... and the new gas meters

or and follow the links to the For Sale page

Now you see it ... now you don’t! Hello and goodbye

Coldfield Paul and Sally Hibberd from Rugby

We say goodbye to Geoff and Jan Ansley from St Michaels Richard and Alison Halton from

Wigley Orchard

Turn over to find out where you can meet this scary dilophosaurus!

It was a very sad day when the big beech tree in the middle of the wood had to be felled. Unfortunately it was completely rotten inside and could have fallen and damaged a car- avan at any time, so it was time to go. But we have very many happy memories ... Before and after pictures by Andrea Lowe

“Guess the weight of the trunk” and win a prize! See overleaf

We welcome new caravan owners at Wigley Orchard: Stuart and Sharon Baker from West

Bromwich and at St Michaels: Keith and Hilary Bradney from Sutton

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