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o much of our everyday life is governed by communal views; what’s acceptable and what’s not. Sadly, perhaps we’ve reached the state of communal thinking where the principle, fundamental healing power of Touch is in jeopardy of being supplanted by physical taboo. The plethora of physical and sexual abuse cases which dominate newspapers and broadcast news and the endless insidious dialogue in social media tell us all, all the time, “Do Not Touch”! In my view we need to step back and re-assess our view of


Touch. It is such an important part of human life. Nobody can doubt the power of words to change lives, move communities and shape history but, in all of this we seem to have lost our connection with the very earliest form of communication - and to some degree, healing. Long before Homo Sapiens could express themselves in word they touched as part of their vocabulary. When comforting, consoling or bonding, Touch is at the core of that expression. I strongly believe in the importance of massage in daily life – massage is so much more than a once-a-year pampering treatment in a spa. Touch, the mother of all senses, can not only heal the aches and pains in our bodies caused by physical activities

or stress, but

also nourish our souls when we feel lonely, anxious, depressed or hurt. My personal journey has been one of continual discovery and began as a child. All of my perceptions of Touch from those days are negative

56 I body LIFE 2 I 2015

as I suffered mental, emotional and physical violence. This kind of trauma must be healed and then can be transformed into a valuable life experience and in my case this is what happened.

This change was gradual, it was a process. During my childhood I was ‘escaping’ all the time as it were, but when I look at a later period of my life, I think my first massage course was really the moment when I discovered how powerful Touch is and how people responded to it. So, when I became a massage therapist I had a real breakthrough in my personal perception of Touch.

“From its earliest inception, massage was intended as a healing art. Children in pain understand this instinctively: they come to their parents to soothe their hurt”

I realised that my journey towards self-discovery, self- development and self-healing could be nourished and take me further, into enhancing the lives of others. I could say that the person I am today and how I function, the choices and decision I make, are the result of my discovery of the therapeutic properties of Touch. My approach to physical health, the awareness of the connection between our thoughts and feelings, the ecology of our mind, the compassion based on understanding and my drive to make a difference … basically everything that embodies who I am today, is the result of making that choice, of choosing this occupation. I see it as a privilege and I don’t take it for granted. This is something I want to share in my training – in that choosing to become a massage therapist you are

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