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During the 48 hours we sent 7 emails, 5 text messages and one postcard (immersion). We sold 412 memberships in the 48 hours at month end!

10. Ascension selling; the online world’s secret strategy. I’ve saved the best to last. Preaching to the converted is the most overlooked strategy when it comes to marketing, selling and growing your business online. People that have already engaged with you, or bought from you previously, are three times more likely to buy from you again than those that haven’t.

“If you structure your on-line sales promotions successfully you will sell more in 24 - 48 hours than you do in two months of ‘normal’ sales activity “

9. Selling is dead. Long live selling. Having a ‘Join Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ button is only half the

battle. People buy online very differently than they do in the real world. The key factors that will have an effect on your success in online sales are four-fold: immediacy, incentive, scarcity and immersion. Three of these are also major factors to your offline sales success too, but online they need to be handled counter- intuitively. Take Immediacy; in the bricks and mortar world promotional campaigns tend to run for a number of weeks if not a number of months. Online, if you structure your sales promotions successfully you will sell more in 24 or 48 hours than you do in two months of ‘normal’ sales activity. Incentive wise it is critical that you remove as many of the traditional barriers to entry when selling online. Provide a money back guarantee, offer something they can’t get by visiting the Club or business and look at providing something initially for free. The easier it is to do business with you online the more you will sell. To ensure people respond at the levels you require you also need to create desire – and the most effective way to do that is limiting what you have to sell (scarcity). The fourth factor, Immersion, would seem like overkill in any other arena than online. We advocate sending as many as 12 pieces of communication within your 48 hour selling period. I know it sounds way too many but the results from over 300 promotions online over the last few years since starting this strategy prove otherwise.

Clients who have run promotions like this with us before are still amazed to watch as the 11.45pm ‘15 minutes to go’ email drives a final scramble to purchase before the midnight deadline! Here’s a recent real world example to show you how you can successfully pull these four triggers together to really impact your sales. With a recent gym Client we closed membership for the first 28 days of the month and allowed people to register for when they became available. We then released a limited number of memberships (scarcity) and made then available only for 48 hours (immediacy). We offered a full money back guarantee, their first month free and a complimentary PT session to get them started (incentive).

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Here are some rough statistics based on our Client results; 13% of your members or Clients would be willing to buy associated products or services from you, you just have to ask. 15-20% of them will buy the ‘next level up service’ where you can charge up to 50% more. Again, just ask for the sale. And 1%-2% will buy a high value, limited and exclusive package or service for up to 10x what you currently charge. And yes again, you just have to ask.

A lot of industries get this, both on and offline. Airlines have economy, business and first class options.


have standard rooms, junior suites and penthouses. Even MacDonald’s will ask you ‘is that a meal’, or if you want to ‘go large’.

And the fun part is that from a marketing perspective it’s all free because you already have the customer right there in front of you.

But the real beauty of doing all this digitally is that is that you can fully automate the entire process.

There are three methods of ascension selling that you can build automatically into your marketing funnel. The first is ‘pre-transaction’. Here you simply offer someone a free trial or pass and when they engage to take it you simply run with a ‘why wait, sign up for membership now and get X’. The second is ‘in session’. At, or before check out, as they are buying from you, offer them something bigger, better and of more value – and obviously for more money. The best way to view this in action is on Amazon with their ‘customers who bought this also bought this, add to you cart now for only £xx’. They even have the lovable cheek to tell you their ‘1-click’ add now button is simply to make things easier for you! The final way to make money with ascension selling is to run regular campaign promotions to your existing customers. Put together higher value services and packages and use all the tips in point nine to add up to 30% to your bottom line without spending a penny on traditional marketing.

Bonus point: Great Value is the key I love marketing because it’s simple. You just need to provide great value and then simply tell enough people about it. But the key here is great value; without great value you don’t have a sustainable business model, on-line or off.

Adrian Marks, Founder & CEO of marketing agency Enjoy! He is internationally known as one of the leading authorities on marketing, sales, business growth and entrepreneurial success and the author of ‘Leverage; Marketing rules for the social-digital age’ and the Passion2Profit programme.

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