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Women’s History Month: First Ladies of the US

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McAuliffe Announces $8.8 Million Grant to End Child Hunger in Virginia

Virginia is one of five grant recipients to test innovative strategies for ensuring all American children have enough to eat

2015 CIAA Basketball Tournament

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Delta Sigma Theta Hosts 102nd Founders Day Celebration

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Small Business Priorities: Corporate Tax Reform Must Include Small Business


DC -- The National Small Business Association (NSBA) has unveiled its Top 10 Priorities for the 114th Congress, a result of last week's Small Business Congress in Phoenix and subsequent

voting by

As First Lady of the Commonwealth, Dorothy McAuliffe, center, has dedicated her efforts to eliminating childhood hunger and improving access to Virginia’s fresh, locally grown agricultural products for all our citizens. She has identified food security and nutrition as key elements necessary for educational success and building healthy communities. Photo courtesy of Virginia Office of the Governor

McAuliffe and First Lady

Governor Terry Dorothy McAuliffe

announced today that Virginia has been awarded an $8.8 million federal grant for an innovative project designed to help end childhood hunger in the Commonwealth.

The Virginia grant was among $27 million in awards announced by U.S. Agriculture Secretary


Vilsack in a speech at the 2015 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference.

was spearheaded by First Lady

Virginia’s proposal Dorothy McAuliffe,

and brings together key

stakeholders from the Virginia Departments

of Education,

Health, and Social Services, as well

as the Virginia

Foundation for Healthy Youth, the Federation of Virginia Food Banks and Share Our Strength, a national nonprofit focused on ending child hunger.


“Proper nutrition necessary

educational students at is ingredient for

success. In fact, it’s a certainty that

and economic sitting


desks with empty stomachs can’t concentrate on even the best teachers’

lessons. Our

students must have access to good nutrition if they are going to be healthy and strong and build

the thriving workforce

we need for a new Virginia economy,” said Governor Terry McAuliffe.

“The First Lady

has been a major champion of these issues, and has made it her mission to end childhood hunger in Virginia. She has

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Raising Strong, Independent and Confident Women Requires Sacrifice 58 Million Nonsmokers in US Are Still Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

The Next Generation of Women in STEM

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members. The number one priority for small firms is ensuring corporate-only tax reform includes some kind of workable solution for the millions

of pass-through small businesses. "The overwhelming

majority of small firms are pass-through entities, meaning

they are taxed

at the individual income level and could see an effective

higher tax rate

under corporate-only tax reform," stated Todd McCracken NSBA president and CEO. "This issue is clearly a huge issue for small firms, and will serve as a litmus test on whether

Angela Barber of Chesapeake Economic Development with Cynthia and Michael Smith, owners of American Orthotic and Prosthetic Center, Inc. as they receive a Community Development Award from the Hampton Roads Messenger at the 2014 Small Businesses Thinking Conference.

politicians truly do support small business." NSBA's Top 10 Priorities for the 114th

Congress are: • Corporate Tax Reform and Small Business


Your Rights to Financial Privacy: How to Stay Informed

You're probably used to receiving privacy

notices from your financial institutions explaining how they handle and share your personal information. Federal law requires that you receive a notification about your privacy rights when you open an account, then at least annually, and again if the institution changes its privacy policy. And, in some cases, these privacy statements are available for review at any time online.

consumers don’t review these

Unfortunately, many disclosures,

which describe how your information will be used, whether you can choose to "opt out" or say "no" to some sharing of your personal financial information, and how you can do so.

"The privacy notices include important

descriptions of rights you may have to limit information sharing with other parts of the same company as well as with unaffiliated companies," said Beverly Shuck, Acting Chief of the FDIC's Consumer Response Center. "If you want to control information sharing, you should take these mailings seriously."

The privacy notices also will explain what you can't prevent from being shared.

This is likely to include customer information provided to outside firms that market your financial company’s own products, handle data processing services or mail out monthly statements to customers. Banks that limit their sharing to these circumstances will provide a


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