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How to Spot a Dinosaur by Susie Kay & Kathy Ennis Published by Professionalism Books, 2014, £9.99

We’ve never reviewed a business book before, this being a consumer magazine, but there were two immediate reasons to look at this one. Its subtitle ‘How to Survive and Thrive in the Workplace’ suggests a wide audience, even among consumers; and Susie and Kathy are local. Just a few pages in, a third reason becomes apparent: the book is a lot of fun. Rebecca Walters’ animal illustrations (and particularly her refusal to make any two eyes the same) are perfect. First, you’re invited to decide what kind of offi ce animal you are from 16 options. The book proceeds to suggest how, having characterised yourself (and your colleagues), you might set about making the best of it. The business will benefi t but also, more to the point, so will you. The book is at least as much about wellbeing as effi ciency. It returns to the original theme periodically, but in a more serious and methodical way. The purpose, it seems, is to know yourself and hence know pragmatically what is best for you in the context of the daily routine. It helps you towards this through a series of simple but illuminating exercises. I approached the book assuming, on the basis of age and attitudes, that I was a dinosaur. In the event, however, I seem to be a donkey. This is not, on the face of it, especially heartening, but thanks to How to Spot a Dinosaur I will be able to live with it. I suspect my colleagues already know how to spot a donkey. DG

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RAW HIDE The Box Moor Trust hopes to have a wetland hide ready this summer, in the area of some old watercress beds it bought three years ago. ‘We’ve been maintaining and protecting it as a nature reserve with the help of about 30 resourceful volunteers,’ said BMT chairman David Kirk. ‘We are making it safe ready to have future education sessions down there. The site is dangerous in places so we can’t have unlimited public access, but we plan to make it available to enthusiasts such as birdwatchers, photographers and artists on certain days.’ For further tips on where to watch birds in the borough, go to page 16. For more on the Box Moor Trust, visit


CLOSE Hemel Hempstead fi rst XI’s home season in the Saracens Hertfordshire Premier Cricket League begins against Radlett on Saturday 16 May, 11.30am start. On the same day, the 3rd team will be play their fi rst ever home match on the new Nursery Ground adjacent to the main ground, also against Radlett. For future fi xtures go to

NUTMEGGED! Business is booming for Old Town spa The Nutmeg Rooms – so much so that they’ve outgrown 55 High Street and are moving up the road to number 81! Co-owner Joanna Eldred said: ‘The new building is Grade 2 listed and really pretty so we can’t wait.’

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