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Faculty of Education N NTEP students

Partnership Committee meeting

Traditional clothes demon- strated for Cultural Event


unavut Teacher Education Students Take a Class at the U of R

Eighteen third-year students, representing four of ten regions of the Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP), were on campus at the U of R May 9-17, 2011, to take one of three courses: EAES, ESST, or EMTH 215. NTEP In- structor/Coordinators Mike Pick- les, Neil Christopher, and Marga- ret Bentham accompanied the students. As part of their course requirements, students offered cultural presentations in class- rooms at four Regina schools (Ar- gyle, Arcola, Sacred Heart, and St. Josephat). U of R instructors Julie Machnaik, Carol Fulton, Mike Cap- pello, Lillian Forsythe, Ann Kipling Brown, and Norm Yakel facilitated the courses. Dr. Michael Tymchak,

whose negotiations established the partnership with Nunavut Arc- tic College, NTEP, was responsible for organizing the trip.

Government of Nunavut, De- partment of Education officials, Nunavut Arctic College President, Daniel Vandermeulen, and NTEP administrators, Monica Ittusard- juat (Acting Director), Jim Legge (Program Manager), and Leigh Clark (Instructor) arrived from Nunavut for a Partnership Com- mittee meeting on May 16, 2011, with U of R Faculty of Education representatives, Ministry of Edu- cation officials, and an STF repre- sentative.

IET and UR International Host Summer Institute for Chinese Visiting Scholars

In partnership with UR Interna- tional, CIET held a 3-week (Aug. 2-22) Summer Institute for visit- ing Chinese scholars. On August 2nd

Drs. Doug Brown, Jennifer Tupper, and James McNinch with visiting scholars

, CIET and UR International held a reception for the 21 visiting schol- ars. Dr. Tom Chase spoke at the event, offering a heartfelt welcome and hopes for establishing deep- er relations “down the road.”


This Summer Institute focuses on TESOL training, scholastic exchange, and international co- operation. Participants receive language training in the morning, complemented by academic sem- inars, professional observations, and cultural activities in the after- noon. Guests represented three Chinese jurisdictions (universities) and a number of academic disci- plines.

Summer 2011

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