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Faculty of Education

Summer 2011

“In union there is

strength.” ~Aesop

per cranes were uniquely sym- bolic, donators were encouraged to take a crane after making a donation. The display that I pro- duced included the 1,000 white paper cranes, strung together and displayed below the counter of a local coffee shop, accompa- nied by a few hundred decorative cranes sitting atop the counter. The cranes were set up for rough- ly 3 weeks, and the response was overwhelming. Through contribu- tions that ranged from pocket change to sizable cheques, we were able to make a donation of about $2,800 to the Canadian Red Cross, going specifically to relief efforts in Japan.

From this benefit, I have learned about the power of collaboration, and that no effort with good in- tention is wasted. I have also cap- tured a glimpse of the power of the arts. I feel that people perhaps were affected on a different level by the visual aspect of the fundraiser, which was unique compared to most conventional do- nation collections.

Furthermore, I have learned a


great deal about people, about the amazing potential they have to do good. Many were extremely encouraging, helpful, and sup- portive to me during the time I was working on the fundraiser installation. Additionally, I was shocked by the general public’s generosity. The success of this fundraiser was a result of the gen- erosity and kindness of countless people.

Submitted by Whitney Blaisdell Arts Education and Arts Student, University of Regina

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