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February 2015

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“You know, you don‟t throw a whole life away just „cause he‟s banged up a little.” —Seabiscuit

Did you know up to 180,000 horses are slaughtered a year? It is banned in the United States, so the horses are shipped to Canada or Mexico. Most people are unaware of this, and when I heard about it, I got an interview with Jacqui, who runs the 501c3 non- profit organization “Drifter’s Hearts of Hope,” to find out how we can help.


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DHOH is a group of children with special needs that give back to our community through saving slaughter bound horses. The kids make horse cookies that they ―sell‖ in local feed stores to help raise money for the life- saving project.

When I asked Jacqui what the purpose of DHOH is, she answered, ―We are dedicated to giving children with special needs the opportunity and drive to give back to our community. They give back through rescuing slaughter bound horses. This is a way they can make a difference. They are saving lives. It‘s a life lesson that special needs kids generally don‘t get the opportunity to learn. These horses are brought back to health and educated so they can find a forever home with a loving family.‖

It all started with a young girl named Bella and a horse named Drifter. Bella has cerebral palsy and Drifter is a rescue horse that had been through hell and back. Jacqui says, ―I started to teach Bella to ride and care for Drifter… it was obvious the partnership made a huge difference in both their lives. Bella and her friends got together at Christmas to make cookies for Drifter and his friends, and then the idea came. These kids would start baking horse cookies to raise money to save horses like Drifter from slaughter.‖

Bella and Drifter.

It struck a note in Jacqui and Bella‘s mother, Jean Kirshner‘s hearts and ―Drifter‘s Hearts of Hope‖ was born!

One of their first rescue stories was to save a malnourished young donkey in July and place her with Longhopes Donkey Shelter for rehabilitation. ―This was easy, though,‖ Jacqui says. ―I would consider our first major success to be a horse named Nick. We purchased him from the slaughter auction in August, under weight, blind in one eye and with trust issues. After months of good feed, lots of love, and some education under


Donate Horse Feed and Supplies. Rescue horses can always use things like supplements, grain, hay, and supplies such as winter blankets, shipping boots, fly spray, equine first aid kits, etc. All donations are strictly utilized for the benefit of the rescue horses.

Donate your unwanted or unused tack items to our next tack sale! The kids of DHOH host tack sales to raise funds for rescuing, rehabilitating


Drifter’s Hearts of Hope 46751 CR 17 Elizabeth, CO 80107

Phone: 303-521-5726

Email: You can donate online.


Clarity was rescued from slaughter in July and adopted by these little girls in November.

a saddle, we were able to adopt him out to a wonderful home with a young lady that absolutely adores him! He is so loved! This is what its all about.‖

Most of us want to do something that makes a difference, and getting to work with horses is a bonus for Jacqui. ―I adore them,‖ she says. ―Seeing them come to us with emotional pain and scars and being able to heal them with love is what I love. They come from a terrible and dire situation; they all come with battle scars.‖

and training their rescue horses. If you‘re out cleaning out the ol‘ barn and find unwanted tack items such as bits, saddles, blankets, headstalls, SMBs, halters, leads, etc, please donate them.

Sponsor a rescue horse. Doing this will enable the horse to receive the help needed to find a forever home.

Give a monetary donation. Most of all we need cash donations. On top of their purchase price, these horses all need vet care, good feed, training, etc. It really adds up.

Support our horse cookie project. The cookies the kids bake are available at Parker Feed, Elizabeth Feed, Platinum Farms and Littleton Equine Medical Center.

All donations may be dropped off at our home facility, the Funny Farm in Elizabeth, Colorado. Please contact us to schedule a donation drop-off.

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