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Enrich your CMC adventure – Reward and encourage your group with nationally recognised certificates of achievement, all attainable within a multi-activity residential.

You can do these awards alongside activities from Explore, as part of the John Muir Award or just to give your group a positive experience and reward them for their efforts.

National Navigation Award Scheme:

Young Navigator Bronze, Silver or Gold Star Awards – Ages 8 to 14 Bronze Star – Achievable in just 1 half day orienteering session

Silver Star – Achievable with an indoor session learning basic map skills (perhaps during an evening), and a half day local walk using these skills

Gold Star – Achievable over 2 days involving building on the silver star map skills, journey planning, safety when going walking and a practical day out in the hills putting all these skills to the test.

RYA Dinghy Sailing Taster Certificate

Can be awarded after just one half day sailing session.


Power Start Achievement Certificate

Can be awarded after just one half day session in either kayaks or canoes

BCU 1 Star Kayak and Canoe Award

Can be awarded after half a days kayaking and

half a days

canoeing where the focus of the sessions will be on completing the 1 star syllabus.

John Muir Discovery Award Age 8 to Adult

The John Muir Discovery Award is part of an environmental award scheme focussed on wild places. To achieve this award participants must discover a wild place, explore its wilderness, take personal responsibility for conservation and share experiences. Our ‘Explore’ resource lends itself to fulfilling these criteria so all you have to do is a few of these worksheets and activities over a minimum period of 4 days.


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