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River. Estuary. Sea. Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), or in the Hawaiian language Hoe he’e nalu, is an emerging global sport with an Hawaiian heritage. Our sessions

are thoroughly wet, massively

enjoyable, highly entertaining and anyone can do it! To stay standing, balance, co-ordination and skill are required......... most take a little while to combine all three, hence the thoroughly wet, but don’t worry we will teach you to fall off properly! It doesn’t take long to find yourself comfortably stood up and paddling. This session is one to pick if you are up for some wet fun and a good laugh.

Beach Study

Go for an explore on Llandanwg beach just 10 minutes from Pensarn Harbour. This is a perfect session to link to our ‘Explore’ programme and do the activities in the ‘Beach Life’ section. Compare and contrast our beach with another beach you have been to. Do a scavenger hunt and learn about the wildlife on the beach, and consider how pollution is affecting our coasts and what we can do to reduce it.

We can tailor this session to complement learning in schools for both primary and secondary age with subjects such as sand dune formation, tides, long- shore drift and man-made sea defences all within easy reach on Llandanwg beach.

Raft Building Sailing

Raft building is a group activity where each team has to use their initiative, creativity, communication and teamwork skills to design and build themselves a raft. We start off dry, giving each group some barrels, poles, and a handful of ropes. Then we go on to the water, accompanied by an appropriate safety boat, and the teamwork is tested! We can run many different types of sessions, from an all-out competition to co-operation based tasks. This is a really fun and enjoyable session for the whole group.

Sailing is a fantastic sport teaching you to control a boat by harnessing the elements. Even a small amount of skill is rewarding as you feel the boat respond to your command. People of all abilities can take part, it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner. With our fleet of Laser fun boats, we are able to teach the basics and then let you sail in pairs or on your own with an instructor coaching you from a power boat. They are the simplest boats to get started in and so even primary aged children can take full control of their own dinghy. If you have sailed before or would like a different sailing experience we can take smaller groups out on catamarans or a bigger mono hull dinghy. Pensarn Harbour has plenty of space to sail around in and if the conditions are gentle, we often head out of the harbour mouth and sail in the massive expanse of Tremadog Bay, where the dolphins have been known to come and play, whilst our sailors are out there having the time of their lives!


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