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ACTIVITIES... Gorge Walking

Experience an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure as you scramble, swim, jump and climb your way through the fantastic waterfalls. This is a wet and adventurous activity where we kit you out in full steamer wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets. The gorge itself is a stunning succession of waterfalls, pools and ledges set at the foot of the Rhinog mountain range. Most people haven’t ventured into this type of environment before and find that the activity makes them rely on and help the others in the group, as well as getting very wet! The activity builds confidence, inter-dependence and trust, and is suitable for people who can’t swim. It is about as much fun and adventure as you can have – we love it!

Open Canoeing

Open canoeing requires teamwork and communication as you master the art of paddling together in groups of 2 or 3. This is the water sport with the most emphasis on listening to each other and working together as this is the only way to make your boat go where you want it to. It takes place at the Harbour and can be run in a variety of different ways to suit your group. It can be an exploration of the estuary, a relaxed journey to the beach, a fun filled session of team games or a chance to learn and practice technical skills. If it is windy or your group needs a little more stability on the water, we can join forces and make one boat from 2 canoes making an indestructible, uncapsizable vessel!


A fantastic opportunity for you to become an independent paddler in your own boat. Balance and coordination are the key so kayaking can help develop these things. Don’t worry if you have never done this before as our introductory sit-on-top kayaks are beginner friendly and our instructors will help you get started. We also have closed cockpit kayaks for those wishing to learn some more technical skills and take their paddling to the next level, as well as duo ocean sit-on-tops, which are amazing boats for those who need support whilst kayaking! Our sessions are a mixture of journeys around the estuary, playing games, learning skills and getting wet (good balance will help you avoid this!) We’ll tailor a session that suits your aims!

Sea Kayaking

Located right on the coast we have access to some of the best sea kayaking venues North Wales has to offer. We can paddle from the centre out onto Tremadog Bay, a beautiful expanse of water surrounded by mountainous scenery with the long, sandy Harlech beach in one direction, and Sarn Badrig, a glacial moraine reef in the other. We can also take the boats further afield by minibus to one of the local estuaries, which are beautiful inland journeys or further North to a more rocky coastline. Depending on the weather, it can either be an endurance test through the wind and waves, or a more gentle paddle if the conditions are calm. All make fabulous day trips and can be paddled in either solo or tandem sea kayaks. Keep a look out for dolphins, jellyfish and seals as they are often sighted on these paddles.


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