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Introducing Epiphone’s Premier Pickups

Boutique sound anyone can afford with the ProBucker™, Alnico Classic PRO™, P-90 PRO™ and Ceramic Plus™ pickups. In 2014, Epiphone fully introduced four incredible new pickups, the ProBucker™, the Alnico Classic PRO™, the single coil P-90 PRO™

and the Ceramic Plus™ that for the first time, made the sound of hand-made boutique pickups affordable to everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic tone or something new, Epiphone’s new line of premier pickups can take you there.

ProBucker™ Humbucker Epiphone's ProBucker humbucker has quietly become one of the most talked about pickups in the industry. It has fooled experts,

vintage purists, and even luthiers who have worked with the best vintage examples from the late 50s and early 60s. Epiphone ProBucker humbuckers are the real deal--made with 18% Nickel Silver unit bases and covers, the same alloy used by Gibson at the Kalamazoo factory when the humbucker was first invented. The use of Nickel Silver reduces the occurrence of eddy currents due to low conductivity and pro- vides a more transparent and crisp output. The size and shape of the bobbins also has a great impact on tonal response. And the bobbins used on ProBucker pickups duplicate the size and shape of the gold standard in the industry, Gibson humbuckers. Epiphone ProBucker pickups also feature sand cast Alnico II magnets, high quality 4 conductor lead wire, and are vacuum wax potted to eliminate microphonics. But what really counts is the sound, For Richard Akers, Epiphone's Director of Research and Development, securing Epiphone a place

in the crowded race to produce a great Patent Applied For-style humbucker was the ultimate design challenge. "The new ProBucker pickups are not just slight improvements over previously produced pickups. They were completely designed here in Nashville and tooled from the ground-up at a new factory dedicated to high end pickup production," said Akers. "These pickups use only the highest quality components and are based on the most sought after humbuckers of Gibson's history. I spent many, many hours making sure these came out great and I am really happy with the results. They sound fantastic." During Epiphone's 140th birthday celebration during an open house that saw many -- including some of the top guitar magazine

editors in the US -- take the "humbucker challenge" and pick Epiphone over many other fine boutique challengers. While every pickup sounded fantastic and the differences were slight, Epiphone's ProBuckers were chosen as the preferred pickup by a majority (61%) of the players.

Alnico Classic PRO™ Humbucker Like ProBuckers, Epiphone’s Alnico Classic PRO’s are 4-conductor and use the same materials found in vintage humbuckers including

Elektrisola wire, bobbins made to exact Gibson specifications and 18% Nickel/Silver unit bases and covers. But instead of Alnico-II magnets, more powerful Alnico-V magnets are used along with matched windings on each coil. The result is more emphasis on the pickup’s upper midrange frequencies for enhanced crunch and sustain. Alnico Classic PRO’s are perfect for any hard rock application, easily overdriving amplifiers for a beefy, sizzling output that boosts any guitar’s power and presence.

Epiphone P-90 PRO™ Pickup Following in the footsteps of the ProBucker is the new single coil P-90 PRO, a rebirth of the one of the greatest and most versatile

pickups in popular music, also invented by Seth Lover. The original single coil P-90 pickup was inspired by the now legendary (and super rare) “Charlie Christian” pickup used by the revolutionary jazz guitar player from Oklahoma who plugged in with the Benny Goodman band and transformed the guitar from a rhythm instrument to a solo instrument. Just like originals P-90s, the Epiphone P-90 PRO is an extremely sensitive pickup that easily bends to a player’s unique touch. With its

distinctive growl and wide range, it’s great for rock and roll, pop, jazz, country, or anything you want to throw at it. "Just like a good chef uses science and art to create unique dishes, a good pickup designer is able to use ingredients in unique ways to create sound," continues Richard Akers. "All the ingredients are available to anyone willing to look but you have to know how to combine them and what is important. Knowing the ingredients in a fine family recipe and how they combine is very similar to how I went about producing these pickups that are synonymous with what our ears have evolved to know as the sound of Rock and Roll.” The new Epiphone P-90 PRO single coil pickups are also made with 18% Nickel Silver covers and have been designed and tooled from

the ground up with new bobbins manufactured to historic dimensions, Elektrisola magnet wire, sand cast Alnico V magnets, and pole shoes manufactured using correct alloys and to Gibson dimensions. And for you sticklers to detail, the new Epiphone P-90 PROs also have tin plated brass base plates like used on 50’s and 60’s era Gibson P-90 pickups.

Ceramic Plus™ H umbucker The Ceramic Plus humbucker is the next step in the House of Stathopoulo's ongoing crusade to merge the tone of the past with the

tone of the future. Like Epiphone's critically acclaimed ProBucker pickups, new Ceramic Plus humbuckers feature 18% Nickel silver unit bases, bobbins tooled to exact Gibson specifications, Elektrisola Magnet wire, but instead are powered by Ceramic 8 magnets. Epiphone's new Ceramic Plus humbuckers are high output modern pickups designed to provide a tight low-end response with both a

smooth mid-range and a slightly more pronounced cut on the top end. Ceramic Plus pickups provide high output while still maintaining clarity and focus that's perfect for metal and hard driving rock. Ceramic Plus™ pickups also shine with incredible sustain, drive, and harmonic content at high volume. Modern hi-wattage amps are an especially good match with Ceramic Plus pickups, providing all the color and character of a classic humbucker but with the cutting drive that can keep up with intense volumes, fast and super articulate players, and more efficient modern amps. Ceramic pickups provide an excellent alternative to Alnico pickups with their with their sharp, articulate, and more saturated tone.

"The physics dictates that when the impedance of a pickup increases the high end frequency response of the pickup decreases. As the need to drive amps further into saturation became desirable the use of Ceramic magnets to compensate for this loss of frequency response became a perfect fit," said Epiphone’s Richard Akers. "Simply increasing the impedance of a pickup while maintaining the use of Alnico magnets in most cases creates a muddy sounding pickup that lacks clarity. The use of ceramic magnets helps to compensate for this and adds clarity and focus to high output pickups" With Epiphone's Ceramic Plus open coil humbucker pickups, Epiphone once again puts a new twist on the legendary Les Paul sound. 29

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