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Personal and Professional Empowerment

Serving Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach since 2006

Chesapeake Students Pursue Entrepreneurship and Technology

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Governor McAuliffe Announces the Restoration of Rights to Over 5,100 Virginians

Hampton University's Christmas Tree Lighting

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You're Invited: Slover Library Grand Opening Celebration in Norfolk

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Leadership Gets Newport News Firm Through Rough Seas


accepted smiled and

back to Henry

for the camera, humbly

his award, walked

his seat. Upon

returning, his family and staff congratulated him on another

Recently, Henry has been receiving

accomplishment. his share of

accolades. Although they are for his business, they really represent his role as a leader.

The credit goes to his

has announced that Virginia has

the civil

Governor McAuliffe restored

the governor announced major changes

to the

Additionally, restoration

of rights application process for offenders of more serious crimes,

including shortening

the application from 13 pages to just one page and removing burdensome


such as notarization and letters to the governor.

important Virginia


“Today marks an milestone

in history,” stated Terry McAuliffe

at the First Baptist Church in south Richmond. “I have always believed that people who have served their time and paid their debts to society should have the opportunity to be contributing members


voting rights of over 5,100 ex-offenders, more than any other governor has done in just one year.

of society again. By providing Virginia’s former offenders with a second chance, we can reduce

recidivism, increase

participation in our democratic processes, and build a new Virginia economy.” Governor McAuliffe also personally gave three

former offenders grant

orders that restored their civil and voting rights at the event.

Commonwealth Levar Stoney continued, “While


Secretary of the Virginia

has traditionally been one of the most restrictive states in


civil and voting rights, this administration has focused on reducing burdens for those who deserve a second chance. This announcement builds upon the progress our administration made earlier streamlining


this year in restoration

of rights processes and will provide more Virginians with pathways to success.”

RESTORATION OF RIGHTS PAGE 15 This Edition’s Highlights

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mother for the support and developing his leadership skills

from beginning. “My mother deserves

a great deal of recognition. She has shown me what hard

work, determination the very

Richmond District Office of the Small Business Administration recognized Devon Henry (right), the President and CEO of Team Henry Enterprises, LLC as the 2014 Small Business Person of the Year. Henry was presented his award by Congressman Bobby Scott (left). Henry also received a 2014 Community Development Award from the Hampton Roads Messenger.

and a will to succeed can get you in life. She taught me skills that have allowed me to succeed in all that I do,” said Henry. “She has always guided me and serve as my mentor. I hope to do the same for my children.”

Henry’s career has taken him from being in a corporate leadership program to owning

his own business. He also volunteers his time to non-profit organizations.

Henry is the CEO and president of Team

Henry Enterprises, LLC, a construction firm specializing in environmental, marine and emergency response services headquartered in Newport News with offices in Virginia,


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start of a new year, is a good time to reflect on how you are managing your finances and to consider whether you would benefit from some changes. Here’s a checklist of questions and suggestions that can help you better evaluate and meet your goals.

Saving What are my current short-term and

long-term financial goals? Write them down. They may include paying off a debt, buying a home or a car, or financing a child's college education. "With

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amounts in mind, you may be more motivated to save money and achieve your objectives," said Luke W. Reynolds, Chief of the FDIC's Outreach and Program Development Section.

Can I do better making automatic

transfers into savings? "Arranging for your bank or employer to automatically transfer funds into savings or retirement accounts is a great way to build savings, but don't

just set it and forget it," said Keith Ernst, Associate Director of the FDIC's Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection in charge of consumer research. "Ask yourself whether you should increase the amount you are automatically saving."

Do I have enough money in an

emergency savings fund? The idea is to cover major unexpected expenses or a temporary

reduction in income without FINANCIAL CHECKUP PAGE 14

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