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Chucks having a seedy treat. I love the silver “Speckledy” hen even if she does sometimes peck at me.

A garden interloper, a beautiful plump sleek pheasant his plumage purple and coppery gold.

Ancient ash tree looming out of the fog on my morning walk.

Zinnias in a jug on my office window. Even when it’s raining they make me smile.

When you go down to the woods today...

Deluges through the day and warm nights all add up to the perfect conditions for the beloved cep. A magical woodland walk glimpsing these little chaps nestled in the moss in sunlit bosky glades, a little bird song and wind gently soughing in the trees, then home for tea with this very satisfying 2kg of porcini!

Spring is here and my seedlings are coming on a pace - all the promise of the summer’s growth ahead.

Splitting wood for the stove even the activity keeps you

warm when winter comes!

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