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producers to fulfill the need,” Wiethorn said. “If we’re lucky, we will get into a bird feeding outfit that wants to use sorghum.” Jeff Zortman grows sorghum near Dodge City, Kan.,

and has utilized his local ethanol market for close to a de- cade, hauling to the plant exclusively for the last five years. “For the longest time we hauled to our local elevator,

and that was really the only market we used,” Zortman said, “but in the last several years, we saw the basis ad- vantage of hauling to the ethanol plant. It was an attrac- tive option, and we’ve been doing it ever since.”

Storage Options While Zortman’s bins can handle up to 50,000 bushels

of grain, he also utilized bags last year, adding 10,000- 20,000 bushels of storage in close proximity to his local ethanol plant. “Te fields we were harvesting were near Highway 54

close to the ethanol plant,” Zortman said. “Due to the location of the fields, it was more convenient to bag the milo there.”

Zortman said a good rule of thumb is it takes 30 cents

per bushel to put sorghum in the bag and to take it out. He said his basis pays more than 30 cents per bushel, so it makes sense to utilize bag storage. Zortman also stood to profit from his bin storage right

away because he was able to use older bins that already existed on his farm rather than building new bins. “Te cost of getting our older bins operating again was

very low,” Zortman said. “Tat made it really attractive to us to get them going and use them again as there really wasn’t any capital to start storing grain, and most of the basis gain was profit.” Wiethorn has utilized on-farm storage on his farm

since 1998 when he built his first bin, and he built a bin every year aſter that for the next six years, bringing his total storage capacity to 70,000 bushels. “I started with four brand-new bins then built two bins

out of one older, larger bin,” Wiethorn said. “It was a little challenging to build from an older bin, but you just have to be careful of what you paid for that bin and what you put into it. It worked out well for us.”


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SORGHUM Grower Fall 2014

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