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chemicals when shopping. Essentially, shopping can be addictive and your sales bargains can feed this.

8. Presenting sale items like a jumble sale can drive engagement Shoppers can add value to a sale item in their mind because of the time they have spent searching through other items for bargains they have found. The longer they spend searching through sale items in your shop the more they engage with your products and the more likely they are to value them. Also, the more products customers touch in your shop the more they are likely to make purchases.

9. Discounting is expected in some retail sectors

Some £12 billion is spent each year in the UK on furniture, something which is not regarded as an essential purchase by most consumers. The furniture industry permanently runs sales and offers free credit to enhance sales. Three quarters of the furniture sold by Multiyork is sold at discounts of between 30% and 50%. Consumers expect this of the furniture sector so it's a ‘must have’ marketing ploy for furniture retailers. Be aware of what customers expect of you in terms of sales discounts so that you don’t disappoint.

10. Personal Shoppers boost sales Shops like Top Shop are now offering personal shopping experiences where clients can get assistance with choosing what to wear and what looks good on them from the latest season. Sales staff that meet consumers’ needs will always help any retailer's profits.

11. Retail interiors add to the experience Oasis spent £7 million refitting its stores focusing on a sensory experience for their

Right: The power of suggestion has been used by the word 'Hot' in this Jones Bootmaker store. Below: Retailer Anthropologie uses colour flowing through its displays to entice shoppers further in to the store.

customers. In its flagship store the downstairs area is fresh and bright and upstairs is moodier and more atmospheric. The railings are positioned to be more inviting for customers. These experiences affect the mood and encourage shoppers to spend.

12. The customer is the fairest of them all The mirrors in one of fashion retailers are often large and lean against the wall. This looks aesthetically good and also had the effect of slimming the person standing in front of the mirror. The lighting and the mirror are set up to make the customer appear to glow in their chosen garments. Creating a satisfying feeling for customers is important.

13. Smells are not to be sniffed at Oasis has a machine that scents its retail space. Smell is a trigger for contextual memory which can help put clients in a good mood and encourage them to spend more. Using a machine called ScentAir, smells like vanilla may increase customers' perceptions of trust worthiness of sales staff, make them 84% more likely to purchase and can even mean that they value products more highly.

14. Getting customers to join your club

High street retailers are using social media to help consumers feel part of a community and to create loyal fan bases. New Look has over 3 million Facebook fans and a customer email list that it sends flash sale deals which drives turnover. Can you use these to boost your sales?

15. Fans feel special New Look often tweets its followers to come in for a surprise and amazingly they do respond. It literally draws customers into

its stores by inviting them on social media. These customers love being the first to know about a deal that they could share with their friends. Looking after fans who refer you to others like this is key to any successful business.

16. Product layout boosts sales Using a pair of eye tracking glasses (tobii glasses) Dr Tim Holmes, a neuroscientist, shows how our eyes are drawn to blocks of texture and colour when shopping. For example, when grouped in colours, products like shoes help to draw the eye around the store. If the shop is well laid out, retailers can use this trick to draw customers deeper into the store.

17. The power of suggestion Some shops have suggestive slogans on the walls which we register in our brains even if we don't seem to notice them. The entrance to the shoe department at New Look had a sign proclaiming ‘Shoe Heaven’ and a slogan on the wall that said ‘Repeat after me: 'I deserve new shoes'.’ You can have a lot of fun with this kind of marketing.

18. Red sale signs Red is a colour that really stands out against others so it is perfect for Sale signs that draw the eye. Too many red signs and the effect is ruined. Too garish and badly type set signs also cheapen your offering. Sales are exciting. Consumers who love

to shop do love sales. It's thrilling to find bargains and even more exhilarating if there is a limited time to do this in. Retailers that do well during their January Sales take advantage of this knowledge and create experiences that give customers what they want: some fun and excitement at a price they feel is a bargain.

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