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Report: No One Keeps Count of the Number of People

Who Die in Police Custody With the recent deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, advocates for police reform have been shocked to learn that there are no accurate records that track the number of people who die in police custody.

Portsmouth NAACP

Freedom Fund Banquet

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Free December 2014

Serving Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach since 2006 Images of

ODU NAACP 'Stand Up, Don't Shoot' Protest

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Ro Brooks Returns to OWN-Tyler Perry’s The Haves and Have Nots, Season 2


Actor Ro Brooks starring in OWN-Tyler Perry’s, The Haves and the Have Not, returns for Season 2 Premiere on Tuesday, January 6, 2015.

Viewers can remember, Brooks (Michael) met Hanna (Crystal R. Fox) at the same hospital Benny; Hanna’s son was in and learned that his six-year-old granddaughter Lizzie had been hit and killed by the same person who hit Benny in an hit-and-run car


Police in Ferguson, Mo., advance through a cloud of tear gas toward demonstrators protesting the killing of teenager Michael Brown. SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES


The recent deaths of unarmed black men at

the hands of

white police officers have sparked

debate and protests

across the nation. According to an Associated Press report, there are "no firm statistics" to determine if this is a new trend or merely business as usual when it comes to policing the black community.

"We have a huge scandal in that we don't have an accurate count of the number of people who die in police custody," Samuel Walker, professor emeritus of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska Omaha, told outrageous."

AP. "That's

According to the news site, police homicide records that have been kept amount to raw data and don't follow a structured process. AP notes

that law-enforcement agencies voluntarily submit information surrounding the deaths but that at best, that data is incomplete.

For example, "the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports ... track justifiable police homicides— there were 1,688 between 2010 and 2013—but the statistics rely on voluntary reporting by local law-enforcement agencies and are incomplete. Circumstances of the deaths, and other information such as age and race, also aren't required," AP reports.

The Wall Street Journal found— after a comprehensive analysis of the "latest data from 105 of the country's largest police agencies"—that federal data did not accurately report hundreds of fatal police encounters. The study also noted that "more than 550 police killings during those years were missing from the national tally or, in a few dozen

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the pain of losing someone they held dear, even if momentarily and had understood what the other was going through. Look forward to Michael and Hanna’s relationship

strengthening THHN’s 2nd season.

Brooks has worked on numerous films, television shows and commercials

Soul. including:

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and A Beautiful

Television shows include:

FX’s Sons of Anarchy, Showtime’s Shameless, FOX’s Brooklyn Nine Nine and 24, CBS’s CSI New York, critically acclaimed HBO’s The Wire and many others.

Brooks is currently on the cover of Evolution Magazine with an in depth article on his life.

Now an accomplished author, Brooks has written a book entitled How To Go From Extra to ACTOR: The aspiring actors guide to stardom. His second edition updates and


'Tis the Season to Be Cautious... Before Giving to a Charity

If you’re considering a request

for a donation to a charity, do some research before you give. By finding out as much as you can about the charity, you can avoid fraudsters who try to take advantage of your generosity. Here are tips to help make sure your charitable contributions are put to good use.

These days, charities and

fundraisers (groups that solicit funds on behalf of organizations) use the phone, face-to-face contact, email, the internet (including social networking sites), and mobile devices to solicit and obtain

donations. Naturally,

scammers use these same methods to take advantage of your goodwill. Regardless of how they reach you, avoid any charity or fundraiser that:

• Refuses to provide detailed information about its identity, mission, costs, and how the donation will be used.

• Won't provide proof that a contribution is tax deductible.

• Uses a name that closely resembles that of a better-known, reputable organization.

• Thanks you for a pledge you don’t remember making.

• Uses high-pressure tactics like trying to get you to donate immediately, without giving you time to think about it and do your research.

• Asks for donations in cash or asks you to 'TIS THE SEASON PAGE 15



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