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By Cap’n Kury and Mz. Victoria of Twin Elm Guest Ranch Blanche and Alice

met and became friends work- ing at Foley’s in Houston. They took the train from Houston to San Antonio and then took a bus from San Antonio to Bandera. The owners of Twin Elm Guest Ranch at that time were Lewis and Dorothy Pos-

tard. Blanch remembers how nice Mr. Lewis and his family were. She said everything was new and very clean along with a very healthy feeling. Blanche and the other guests visited The Bat Caves, rode horses and went swimming in the Medina River. They went dancing as well and Blanche men- tioned it several times with a sparkle in her eye…I think she must’ve danced with some hand- some Bandera Cowboys. Seeing the pictures of her and Alice when they were pretty teenage girls make me think they were very popular with the cowboys on the dance floor.

married a WWII Pilot named Herbert Lawler. Mr. Lawler lost his life defending our country and Blanche remarried a Naval officer by the name of Paul Hershey. Blanche and Paul raised

Later Blanche

Volume Fourteen - Issue Ten June 2010

93-year-old houstonian revisits bandera twin elm guest ranch after 70 years

two children, Susan and John Paul right here in Texas. The way we found

Blanche and Alice is exciting. A young lady named Beth and her family came to Twin Elm as All Inclusive Guests. While visiting and cutting up around the campfire, Beth told us that she runs a retirement home. She was telling some of her residents that she was going to a dude Ranch in Bandera when Blanche spoke up and told everyone she had gone to Bandera as a young woman and reminisced about all of the fun she had there. The next question that arose was naturally…What Ranch are you going to? They blurted out Twin Elm Guest Ranch and Blanche immediately spoke up and said that was the ranch where she had visited also. Blanche went into her room and gathered some of her most sacred pictures taken in 1940 at Twin Elm and shared them with everyone.

of the pictures to show us and we got so excited we could hardly wait to talk to Blanche. We called and invited Blanche and her family to come back to Twin Elm Guest Ranch for a weekend of reminiscing and rekindled joy. We then contacted Alice and she told several stories about the fun they shared together in Bandera 70 years ago. Alice reflected names, dates and places like she was here yesterday. Alice could not make the trip from Houston to Bandera this time for Health Reasons. Alice is a spunky 93-years young, but her knees are not. Blanch and Alice talked and sent pictures back and forth. Blanche and her fam-

ily decided they all wanted to come to Twin Elm to represent the Duo! Thus, Cap’n Kury, Mz. Victoria & Zac, along with all the staff at Twin Elm started planning the big reunion. It just so happened that the Summer Rodeo Season was going to

Beth brought some

kick off the same weekend they could come. To the surprise of

Blanche and her family, Twin Elm presented Blanche as the Official Rodeo Queen. Mz. Victoria rode Blanche thru the arena on a decorated Golf Cart and in front of the Rodeo Crowd Victoria adorned her with the Rodeo Queen Sash. While Cap’n Kury told Blanche’s story Blanche smiled from ear to ear and displayed the perfect

Queen Wave. A standing ova- tion and cheers filled the air with joy as she rode the arena with honor. Blanche’s daughter Susan, her son John Paul, with wife Linda, were here to round out the perfect evening. Blanche came to

Twin Elm Guest Ranch in 1940 and returned 70 years later in 2010. That my friends makes this old Cowboy and Twin Elm Mighty Proud.

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“Rock” is a handsome 8-year-old, 15h AQHA dun ranch gelding. This horse comes from West Texas Ranch Country near Bracketville, TX, he also comes with lots of long working days, ridden by a really good cowboy, and is broke, broke, broke. This is a gentle horse with a very forgiving attitude and a good mind. He has a good rein, stop, and backup on him and he has never been allowed to know what a bad habit is. He definitely would be gentle enough and well trained enough to be ridden and enjoyed for everyone from the Beginner to the most Experienced rider. He is easy to catch, shoe, load, very quiet and gentle when saddling. $4,500

“BlueJay” is a 9-year-old, 15h, 1250 lb. AQHA blue roan gelding from a ranch in West Texas. Color, size, disposition, ride, and handle... he’s got it all. This is a well seasoned , well trained horse, with a willing attitude and the most forgiving mind you would ever want. You can turn this horse “on” so that he would be appreciated and enjoyed by the best of In- termediate and Experienced Rider. You can also turn him “off” so that the Beginner and Novice Rider can feel safe and comfortable on him. He has absolutely no bad habits and would be an asset anywhere. $5,500

“T-Bear” is a 10-year-old. 15h AQHA buckskin gelding. He’s a really nice, gentle, laid-back horse with a great mind and a forgiving atti- tude. You don’t have to be a very good rider to get along with this horse, he will forgive any mistakes that you make and still be willing to give you a pleasurable ride. I believe this horse is gentle and safe enough for the Beginner and Novice rider yet well trained enough to be re- ally enjoyed by the Intermediate and Experi- enced rider. As far as I know he has just been used as a trail horse and is real good at it. He rides with loose rein with a good turn, stop, and reverse. He has absolutely no bad habits - great “All Around Horse”. $2,500

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“Shiloh” is a 11-year-old, 15.1h palomino gelding from a ranching background. This is one really “Nice” horse that can be enjoyed by anyone that can sit in the saddle. He handles and behaves well enough for any Beginner or Novice rider to feel safe and confident on and yet the Intermediate and Experienced riders will really feel mounted when they ride him. He is not distracted by his surrounding and gives you all of his attention. He is ready and willing to do whatever you want and do it in a safe and gentle manner. This horse has abso- lutely no bad habits. $2,500

“Blade” is a 9-year-old, 15h, Reg. APHA geld- ing. This is a really nice gentle horse that came from the hill country near Bandara, TX. This is safe gentle horse that has been used riding the trails in the hill country. He has lots of miles on him and comes with a gentle forgiving attitude and a willing mind. He does not get upset or aggravated if you make a mistake and has no bad habits. He has been ridden around crowds and does not spook. He is easy to catch, load, shoe, and saddle. This horse is safe and gentle enough for the Beginner and Novice rider and well trained enough to be appreciated by the Intermedi- ate and Experienced rider. $2,000

“Blaze” is an 11-year-old, 15.1h ranch geld- ing from Central Texas. This is a good, gentle, quiet All Around kind of horse with no bad habits. You can take out on the trails for a re- laxing weekend of trail riding or take to the pasture to gather or work your cattle. He has a nice smooth response to all of his riding ques and moves out in a slightly layed back manner. He is easy to push up into his various gates and just as easy to shut down into a slow quiet easy walk. Beginners and Novice riders will feel very comfortable on this horse. Inter- mediate and Experienced Riders would enjoy the smooth well trained manner in which he rides. $2,000

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