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Leader Reader children’s

Centre Vol III Nov 2014

Cushioning the BlowSue Webster Leading Practice This edition is dedicated to the:

4 people

valediction: forbidding mourning

6 tapestry

10 distributing breadth and depth

13 never say never

15 communication- friendly collaboration

18 MAD

19 practice professional friends

23 policy

celebrating two for twos

25 postscript 26 productivity

pioneers of the masters’ level qualification (Pen Green) that led to a national programme for centre leaders

Integrated Centre Leadership (NPQICL). You have led and contained the effects of unparalleled change in the concept of integrated service provision to families during the rollout of the programme

3,123 of you who trusted the process and persevered with the National Professional Qualification for

programme sponsors (14), leaders, facilitators, assessors and mentors through 9 cohorts who have believed in and supported all the participants, whether they secured their qualification or not

We could not let the passing of a major transformational leadership programme for one of the most complex roles in children’s services pass without proper acknowledgement to its power in raising the professional spirit, self-belief, reflective practice and courage of almost everyone it touched.

We thank you and your teams and ask that we all accept our responsible part in securing a future for this most important of services, supporting families in those crucial months before the birth of their baby, the immediately succeeding 1001 days and those years of parenthood and family life that follow. We celebrate your achievement, innovation and commitment!

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