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Issue No. 109 Summer 2014

Federation of Private Residents’ Associations Newsletter

Freeview and 4G at 800 MHz

Mobile phone operators are preparing to start rolling out 4G networks in Aylesbury, Bucks, and Uttlesford, Essex to provide super-fast wireless broadband in the coming weeks and months.

at800 are now sending postcards to households and businesses in these areas telling them about the mast activation.


Viewers are being advised there is a small chance they may experience some disruption to television reception when masts go live. However, in those few cases, it can be resolved by fitting an individual or communal filter, which will be provided for free by at800.

BLOCK A serious fire in a member block was reported in this newsletter (issue 99, Winter 2011) Now another block has now been struck by disaster, and again, unfortunately, affecting a purpose-built retirement block. This incident was less disastrous than the fire, but, none the less serious, for the residents.

This time, a water problem in the loft caused not only water damage, but also affected the block’s electrics. The fire brigade was quickly on site. More than 30 residents had no water or electricity and therefore could not stay in their flats. The emergency services attended and the block’s managers were able to act quickly to arrange a local hotel which, fortunately (as the incident occurred on a Friday night), had room to put up the majority of the residents for the weekend. The remaining residents were able to stay with family or friends. Luckily, plumbers and electricians were able to work over the weekend so that the residents were able to move back in on the Monday.

This again, shows the need for disaster planning, and full credit is due to the managers of the block, who were able to react so quickly to what otherwise would have been a more serious incident to many elderly residents.

For all running their blocks, here are some pointers:

• It is important to hold full contact details of all residents and, where possible, family members

• Make sure there is a clear disaster plan • Make sure everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire

• Make certain that emergency contact details for insurers, agents, local authority and others are available and not just held within the flats.


FPRA committee members and consultants are busy updating our publication: A Guide to Running a Block of Leasehold Flats so that it is bang up-to-date. We will let members know when the new version is available.

If you operate or have properties in these areas and receive calls reporting problems with Freeview services, it may be due to mast activation, however do not assume this to be the case. Based on the experiences of mast activations in other locations, at800 are not expecting there to be any significant disruption to Freeview TV services.

If you believe 4G at 800 MHz may be the cause, ask the caller to report the problem to at800 on 0333 31 31 800 or 0808 13 13 800. They will be asked for the address and postcode of the property where a problem has been reported, the nature of the problem and the time it occurred. If you are responsible for solving a problem on behalf of a property owner, please call at800 directly. The appropriate filters for your properties are available to your aerial contractor for free, on request from our contact centre on 0333 31 31 800, as required. Please have their details to hand when you call.

Only new 4G services that will roll out at 800 MHz have the potential to cause problems to Freeview reception. at800 has advised that if the viewer has not been contacted directly through the post, or they watch cable or satellite TV, any interference to the Freeview service is unlikely to be due to the 4G masts being activated.

For more information, visit 4G


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