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12 Federation of Private Residents’ Associations Newsletter BLOWING OUR OWN

TRUMPET Thank you to the members who wrote these comments, when sending in their blocks’ subscriptions:

May I say that having read the FPRA newsletter avidly since becoming a member, I unreservedly congratulate and thank all concerned with the publication.

May I say that we find your newsletters quite invaluable. Thank you.

We are following your excellent step-by-step advice from the Information Pack (as well as by phone and email) and have held our IGM, now collecting subscriptions and authority forms, about to seek formal recognition from our landlord and managing agent. Many thanks to you and all your advisers and volunteers. With your support we look forward to 2014-15 with renewed vigour!

And another member writes:

Thanks again for your help. Thanks to the Newsletter we have recently had the VAT on our common ways electricity reduced from 20 per cent to five per cent! By the way, others might want to know that a year ago we had motion-activated switches installed for the lighting in the hallways etc, instead of being on timer switches. It cost about £2,500, but we saved that amount in the first year, halving our electricity costs. We are now investigating LED lights which use far less energy.

To any members who have not sent in this year’s subscription (due April), please could we politely remind you to renew as soon as possible. As you know, we are a not-for-profit organisation largely run by volunteers and we rely on the subs to continue.

YOUR VIEWS COUNT Property Management Enquiry

The Competition & Markets Authority (formerly the Office of Fair Trading) are in the process of conducting a market study into residential property management services. The CMA is interested in a roundtable discussion with FPRA members who would like to share their views about property management. If you would be interested in participating in the round table, please can you contact the FPRA admin office by email: with your contact details. The roundtable will be limited in number, so a selection may be made from responses received.

If you are unable to participate in the roundtable, but would like your views to be noted we encourage you to visit the CMA website and respond directly to them. The web address is: management/#.Uz5_fVGwLaE


Jo-Anne trained as a Chartered Accountant with Grant Thornton’s Brighton and Petersfield offices. A year after she qualified, Jo-Anne decided to develop her career closer to home and joined Spofforths LLP. Jo-Anne says this felt like ‘coming home’ in more ways than one, as she gained work experience with Spofforths when she was a teenager.

Jo-Anne has a diverse client base – many of which operate in regulated sectors so this calls on her specialist expertise. As well as being a registered statutory company auditor, Jo-Anne looks after many occupational pension schemes and legal firms, including carrying out their Solicitors Regulation Authority client money inspections. Jo-Anne is a member of the firm’s technical quality assurance team and likes to keep ahead of the changes in the accounting industry.

A naturally creative person, Jo-Anne’s main hobby is lampworking and glass work.

The inclusion of an insert or advertisement in the FPRA newsletter does not imply endorsement by FPRA of any product or service advertised

Your Committee Chairman Bob Smytherman, email: Vice-Chairman Richard Williams Hon. Treasurer Michael Derome

Committee Members Chris Adams, Simon Haswell, Susan Hayward, Robert Levene, Roger Trigg, Philippa Turner

Hon. Consultants Mary-Anne Bowring, Mark Chick, Colin Cohen, Lord Coleraine, Ann Ellson, Chiara Gorodesky, Amanda Gourlay, Roger Hardwick, Jo-Anne Haulkham, Paul Masterson, Yashmin Mistry, Andrew Pridell, Martin Redman, Shula Rich, Leigh Shapiro, Nic Shulman, Belinda Thorpe, Bernie Wales, Gordon Whelan

Legal Adviser Nick Roberts Newsletter Editor Amanda Gotham Designer Sarah Phillips

FPRA only advises member associations – we cannot and do not act for them. Opinions and statements offered orally and in writing are given free of charge and in good faith and as such are offered without legal responsibility on the part of either the maker or of FPRA Ltd. All questions and answers are passed to our newsletter and website editors and may be published (without name details) to help other members. If you prefer your question and answer not to be used please inform us.

Extra copies of the newsletter can be obtained from the FPRA office at £3.50 each, postage paid. Cheques to be made payable to FPRA Ltd. They can also be seen and printed out free from the Members’ Section of the FPRA website.

Contact details: The Federation of Private Residents’ Associations Limited, Box 10271, Epping CM16 9DB Tel: 0871 200 3324 Email: Website:

If telephoning the office please do so weekday mornings.

Issue No. 109 Summer 2014

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