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News High tech support for retailers

Retailers struggling to keep up with ever changing technology and customer behaviour can expect to find invaluable help via a new initiative to be launched at Spring Fair.

growing field of e-commerce and mobile shopping. According to a recent survey, UK online sales reached £91bn by the end of 2013 and accounted for a fifth of all retail sales across the country. The impressive growth was driven by customers’ increasing reliance on smartphones and tablets. Director of i2i Events Group

Retail Portfolio, Louise Young said: “The dramatic evolution of consumer spending patterns and shopping behaviour has created a truly multi- channel retail environment. The launch of Retail Shop at

Show organisers have announced a

new ‘Retail Shop’ section that will be dedicated to helping retailers find new ways of trading online, enhancing customer experience and developing multi-channel operations. It is well known the UK continues to lead the world in the lucrative and

Spring Fair will be an essential resource for our customers on both the supply and retail side.” Products included

in Retail Shop will include in-store and

How do you measure success in retail?

How you measure success in retail is changing. Retail is one of the most versatile industries to be in, with new sales channels emerging and ever- changing consumer trends, it can be difficult to keep track of things. Customers are now shopping in

different ways from m-commerce to click and collect; and this has been driven by an increased adoption of tablet computers and mobile devices. As a result, consumer behaviour has changed with shoppers now wanting a consistent experience across all sales channels, all at a time and place that suits them. This is not just happening with the large multiples but also with independents too. Retailers have adapted to these

changes with multi-channel retailing, linking their store and ecommerce sites together in a seamless shopping experience. But how do they measure their success in this new platform? Data analytics is nothing new for retailers. Traditionally they would use store KPI’s such as sales per square foot and footfall count. And for e-commerce sites analytics such as site traffic, dropped baskets, and conversion rate will be measured too. These various metrics were previously treated as separate entities with no consideration for the effect they had on the other sales channels. But with multi-channel retail, the retail store now acts as a ‘central-hub’ with

online customers coming into the store to collect items ordered online, or in store customers redeeming voucher codes on your website. This makes traditional KPI’s such as ‘sales per square foot’ less relevant because in a multi-channel environment, sales are not always attributable to just a single channel. For example; sales per square foot can

no longer be used as a measure of shop space efficiency, as a customer may have seen your item in store and decided to purchase it online at a later time. Therefore traditional KPI’s should be adapted to provide an accurate measure of each sales channel and show how they influence one another in a multi-channel environment. Some examples of modern multi-

channel KPI’s can be; number of click and collect orders, number of in store customers who register details online, or even measuring information based on brand rather than sales channel. For example incidental purchases made in- store by web visitors (i.e. those who are simply collecting or returning items in- store) will become more important.” Is it worth it? Adapting to changes in

consumer patterns is the first step to retail success, but measuring what they really want, and what’s effective can help you to sustain that retail success. The only way to identify and measure your effectiveness is to adapt your retail KPI’s.

ADVERTISING FEATURE November / December 2014 Giftware & Home Review 5

online solutions, logistics and fulfilment experts, marketing platforms, payment providers and specialists in packaging. Keeping up with technology is just part of the challenge though and gift

with a vision to sell products and brands that were under-represented locally. The beautiful shop has evolved over

the years to include an imaginative collection of design-led gifts, toys, childrenswear, homeware and furniture and the business has now been named Retailer of the Year in the county’s annual Business Awards. Key speaker was Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi who knows a thing or two about running a successful business. Armstrong Ward was commended

stores must still offer unrivalled product and service in an inspired setting if they are to survive increased competition. In the last issue of

Giftware Review & home interiors we featured the Kendal based retailer, Armstrong Ward which was opened eight years ago by Jacqueline and Andrew Ward

for its unique offerings, customer service, community engagement and impressive marketing prowess.

Dare to be different

Retail guru, John Stanley, speaking at the recent Glee trade show, had this to say about successful retailing: “ Ninety five per cent of what we do is the same as everyone else. It is the five per cent that is unique and memorable.”

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