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Transformational Medicine Australia NEW Regenerative Breakthrough

For another patient, by using the same technique, this very sad lady with a painful, inflamed arthritis of her knee joint avoided a conventional knee replacement, and saved her the cost, associated trauma of invasiveness and hospitalisation for a procedure which in itself had no guarantee of success.

Some people suffering with chronic fatigue can

The clinic at Transformational Medicine Australia is leading the way for implementing medical & complementary medicine breakthroughs available in the world today. Dr Margaret Jiin Ngu, an Integrative Medicine specialist for 30 plus years paves the way for innovative therapies for both physical and mental health attracting patients from all over Australia to her clinic in Burwood, Melbourne. Some of her patients remark that if not for Dr Ngu’s clinic they would have to fly to Germany, USA or Mexico for treatments of their chronic disease.

Most patients are either referred by their practitioners, friends or family members who know about and who have benefited from Dr Ngu’s amazing healing modalities. There is an increasing number of patients that search on the internet and find that Dr Ngu is the only doctor in Australia able to deliver these therapies.

One of Dr Ngu’s patients in particular had fallen 8 metres from a truck, hospitalised for back injury and been given morphine for 5 days with no pain relief is now symptom free after only four treatments of Prolozone injections.

improve the quality of their lives with rejuvenative therapies. Karla is happy to tell us that not only has she returned to normal living but also the Transformational Journey Retreat with Dr Ngu has changed her to a more confident, joyful and more purposeful life.

A patient with stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasised to her heart ,causing arrhythmia, has shocked everyone by still being alive today after two years. Oncologists thought she would not have survived more than a few weeks to a maximum 12 months.

An expressively thankful patient with asthma allergies to cat hair and dander could come off her steroid drugs and have her Burmese cats again. Her brother is even more grateful that his cervical disc protrusion impacting on his nerves, and thus the use of his arms and hands, was cured within three weeks of treatments.

There are many more stories like these ones and some patients have been happy to tell their story on the clinic website. Integrative care involves an agreement between the doctor and the patient as to how to address the illness in all its facets: especially

how to target the diseased tissue; how to heal an overwhelmed immune system; and how to make lifestyle changes to make a body less hospitable to disease. A complete integrative approach looks at bringing the internal milieu back into balance addressing issues of tissue oxygenation, acidity, hydration, toxicity, pollutions, infection, EMR, hormones, stress and its hormones and neurotransmitters.

Foremost is the recognition that degenerative illnesses usually takes hold in a body depleted of nutrients so the use of dietary supplements to replenish vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is recommended. So too is dietary counselling.

The breakthrough treatments that are attracting better success rates at overseas clinics and hospitals include:

    irradiation

    targeted low dose therapies)

   

, which eliminates hypoxia and low ATP cell energy by improving cellular oxygen, have been proven to kill cancer cells, so there can be less reliance on chemo and a stronger defence against infections.

  to kill bugs associated with cancer and degenerative disorders.

Insulin potentiated targeted  to target a low dose of botanical medicines or chemo agents to cancer cells or cells with bugs and viruses largely bypassing healthy cells thus decreasing toxic side effects.

305 Warrigal Road, Burwood, VIC. 3125 03 9808 2188

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Treatments that have helped people heal: Cancer, Arthritis, Chronic Infections, Diabetes, Heart, Disease, Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Use PolyMVA®, and other detoxifying agents to help sweep out the cellular debris present when a tumour is successfully shrinking or the toxicity from infections.

Use of high dose intravenous vitamin C to kill cancer cells and other nutrients and homeopathic remedies to help support the liver that has the all-important job of detoxification during treatment.

Most importantly we recognise that cancer & chronic illness often have an emotional and spiritual component; addressing suppressed emotions can be an immense help in overcoming any degenerative illness or cancer long term.

The old paradigm was that we ‘fight’ cancer, lymes or any illness and consider our bodies an enemy to be attacked and vanquished. The new paradigm respects our body’s innate healing powers and recognises that, ultimately, our cellular function, our immune system and our consciousness are the protection we have against cancer and all degenerative diseases.

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