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THE TEA CHEST The Tea Chest teas are strong and bold. The first pots we made were way too strong as we didn’t expect a small amount to have so much flavour. Talk about bang for your buck, a quarter of a teaspoon is plenty for a cup of delicious, divine, super tasty tea! They have an extensive range of flavours

to suit any time or mood. The range includes chai teas, herbal teas, green teas, Australian black teas and rooibos. What more could you want?? The Tea Chest use as many local

ingredients as possible, including a few Aussie bush ingredients like wattleseed and lemon myrtle sourced from the beautiful Daintree, which is where their organisation is located. I think you will notice the difference in quality. The Tea Chest also package their tea locally; so there is no time for those robust flavours to escape! I’d say that one packet would have to last two months, even if you drink

it three times a day. It’s beautiful, and so affordable. I

strongly recommend these four: • Smooth Vanilla Chai – It’s fragrant, natural and hand processed!

• Green Tea with Jasmine and Rose – YES! • Chilli Chai – coz why not have a bit of punch in your tea!

• Ginger lLft – hot or cold. Fantastic tea, local fresh ingredients and,

as an eco bonus, they run completely on solar power to reduce their carbon footprint! Buy your Tea Chest tea at a range of stores in Queensland or online.

BEAMING WITH HEALTH A range of health teas brought out by the wonderful Mim Beam. They have a good range of flavours, and the real point of Mim’s teas is that they can be used for health and wellness. In fact, you can see an article from her in this issue about the healing properties of herbs in tea. There is a Beaming with Health tea for

each phase of the day. So if you’re a tea lover you probably want a cup in the morning, and I’d recommend Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed. Then if you have a stressful mid- morning you could try a Calm. After lunch Dinky Di can be enjoyed hot or cold for a lovely refresher, and then you can finish the day with a nice sweet Settle Petal. Yummy tea, and a great mix of herbs,

flavours and flowers that blend together beautifully and assist in your wellness. Beaming with Health tea is available

from selected retailers and online. DILMAH

I think everyone knows the Dilmah

brand. However, we have discovered a new selection of ‘Exceptional’ tea. Açaí Berry, Pomegranate and Vanilla.

What a delicious experience! It’s sweet and smooth with a nice kick. It’s very uplifting. A deluxe range of tea infusions, green tea

58 NOVEMBER 2014

Infusions, black teas with herbs and spices, fruit infused black tea. Dilmah infused tea blends make

incredible iced tea! They are so delightfully flavoursome that the heat is not needed to release their awesome aroma. So now that summer is coming, the ‘lively lime and orange fusion’ is going to be a superior quencher to keep in the fridge! My favourite so far is Rose with French

Vanilla. It has such a strong yet subtle flavour, being quite musky and sweet. It will remind you of Turkish delight. So when you are in the mood for something a little bit naughty, just have a Rose with French Vanilla tea instead. Guaranteed you will be delighted! If you’re not a sweet tea fan, give the

Elegant Earl Grey a go; it’s a beautiful smooth blend that does not skimp with bergamot, making the tea all the more satisfying. It has a deep colour and aroma, which simply cannot be beaten. Dilmah ‘Exceptional’ range is definitely

worth tracking down. It’s available at most good supermarkets. n

Bianca Fauré, LivingNow’s food editor, has worked for four years as sous chef in some great restaurants in Melbourne’s CBD. Now she is combining her passion for food with writing at LivingNow.

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